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About Hair Transplant

Why Us?

Dr. K.K. Arora is famous name in the Hair Transplant In India. we are doing transplant in punjab/kapurthala,ludhiana,Chandigarh,mumbai. He Did international training from TVER State Medical Academy in Russia and Stockhoim, Sweden. We have done many FUE transplant at affordable Rate and you can check the results in our result tab. He served at reputated position in Dayanand Medical College & Hospital as Consultant till 2000. Currently he is a Senior Consultant at Institute of Medical sciences In Jalandhar. He Started Satyam Hospital Near Aarti chownk Krishna Nagar in Ludhiana. One other Satyam Hair Transplant centre  at Bhati Global Hodpital, 307, 308, Ambika Vihar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. 110087.



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We have very successful FUE results below are the numbers you can call on these numbers and verify from our patients.

Patients From Around The Globe

New York Abhishek RattanFUE Hair Surgery+16479759013
Germany Mohan SinghFUE Hair Transplant004915213360625
Saudi Arabia Sohil FUE Hair Transplant+966507248017
UKPrinceFUE Hair Transplant+44786432220SarbhjeetFUE Hair Surgery00407967439440Balagem Ajmer Thandi FUE Hair Transplant00447956607839
CanadaSurrey – Mandeep FUE Hair Surgery +17189890660Calgary – Amandeep Brar FUE Hair Surgery 4036087477Calgary – VinayFUE Hair Surgery 0016036895953Montreal – Sultan OmariFUE Hair Surgery +14389958666Winnipeg – Blupinder TorrFUE Hair Surgery 2049529161
France Daljeet FUE Hair Transplant003785201287Preadeep SainiFUE Hair Transplant0035196789,7389PatientFUE Hair Transplant+3362342921
Dubai DevinderFUE Hair Implantation+971559171360

Our Successful Results

FUT and FUE Comparison

The hair transplantation involves two essential techniques – FUT and FUE. The major difference between two methods exists in the way of extraction of follicle units.

FUT includes extraction of follicles through strip method, under this a strip in scalp with hairs is taken from the backside by which the hair follicles are taken. On the other hand, FUE includes extraction of individual follicular units straightforwardly from scalp.

The prevailing advantage of both methods is the extraction of little group of natural hair which are called follicular units. These anatomical groups comprise of one to four hairs. The extraction technique is very crucial and significant factor in any kind of hair transplant. The emphasis is not on ripping several grafts off, instead only the healthy hair roots as they have a significant role in describing the root of graft.

In FUE, the punch needle size is very important to limit the risk of damage to the donor area. Before implementation FUE needs more intense and time consuming practice than FUT.

Both FUE and FUT also differ in the extent of scarring space left in the donor place. FUT leaves a fine linear scar on the backside of head, on the other side; FUE leaves only tiny scars which look like dots.

Grafts received through FUE are extremely sensitive to dehydration even more than those received through FUT.

Based on the size of area where transplantation needs to be done, 1000 to 5000 follicular units are needed often. FUE and FUT both offer the great results in the ideal conditions.

Transplantation performed under the local anesthesia while using FUT causes a stress in scalp. It is although, very nominal and fades away in a couple of days. On the other hand, FUE treatment does not cause any pain and offers faster healing. FUT causes a deadening feeling which is however of short term and it may last for a few months. In FUE, nothing happens like this

Our Surgeons

Hair Transplant team at Satyam Hair Transplant consists of highly qualified, experienced and competent surgeons. The team is lead by Dr.K.K. Arora (MBBS, M.S, M.C.H. (Plastic Surgery)) and Dr. Monika Bharti (M.B.B.S., M.D. Diploma in Medical Cosmetology) with over 15 years of extensive cosmetic and surgical expertise. He has international training from TVER state medical academy in RUSSIA and Stockholm, SWEDEN. The surgeons at Satyam Hair Transplant are renowned and internationally acclaimed for their expertise. They are frequently invited in global conferences and seminars. He has achieved the 4th HAIRCON 2012 organized by Association of Hair Restoration Surgeon in Kolkata. Dr. Arora has also served in different senior positions at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital as a consultant till 2000. Presently, He is a Senior Consultant at Institute of Medical Sciences in Jalandhar. He is successfully running his own Satyam Hospital in Aarti Chownk, Ludhiana.
We have delivered very accomplishing services to numerous people across the world. Our diligence for supremacy and skillful hands has made us stood highest-ranker in the field of hair transplant. Patients from divergent parts of the world like London, Canada, Turkey etc linked to us not only due to our prowess but they are also contented and persuaded with genuine looking follicles on their scalp.

Our Team

Hair Transplant team is consisting of well trained and experienced staff. All are well trained in working on most modern equipment used for FUE transplantation . The staffs are permanent which assures the quality in work. This team have already experience of 1.5 lac’s of roots implantation and working for more than 2000 hours which have brought perfection to the skills of our staff.
Team at Satyam India consists of highly experienced and well trained staff members some of Chandigarh. All the staff members are well versed with working on most modern equipment which is used for FUE hair transplantation In India. As all the staff members employed are permanent, they are highly dedicated to quality products. Satyam india team has experience of more than 1.5 lac’s of hair roots implantation. The team has already worked for more than 2000 hours which has brought perfection to their skills and approach to technique.
Our facilities are very much kept up to give snuggled up stay and treatment rooms are all around outfitted with the current surgical and sterling device to give most extreme consideration of your well being, alleviate and suitable hair reclamation. The broadened operation theaters with indicative supplies and sitting tight spaces for the guests are made to meet your individual needs extremely well.

Why Hair Problem Is Arise?

It has been seen that males are more sensitive to hair lose problems than females because of their pattern baldness. However thin hair and hair fall is also a common culture in females. The reasons of hair loss can be extensive from persistent to short term, insufficient vitamin and other conditions. In several conditions, both men and women suffer from hair loss that depends on the causes that result in hair falling from their head.

Average 50 to 100 hairs fall daily in a moderate individual. Often it does not cause any significant reduction in scalp hair because the new hairs grow up spontaneously. The hair loss becomes a problem when a cycle of development and shedding of hair is obstructed or when the new hair follicles are destroyed or scar occurs replacing the hair follicles due to an injury or accident.

Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. This usually does not cause noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is growing in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when this cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted or when the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue. The definite cause of hair loss is not verified yet however it is related to several factors such as hormonal abnormalities, medication, medical conditions and hereditary.

The major cause of hair loss is hereditary known as received from male or female baldness. It often occurs significantly and in considerable patterns.

Other causes are hormonal variations, patchy hair loss, scalp infections, various kinds of skin problems, hair pulling disorder, medications, radiation therapy to head, a trigger event, specific hair styles and cures.

Meanwhile modern lifestyle is another reason of major problems in our body because of consumption of fast foods that lack in nutrients, alcohol, smoking, overworking and lack of exercise and meditation.

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Cost of Hair Transplant in India Delhi

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Surgery Cost can be tracked according to the number of grafts required, one’s donor area and according to the transaction rate that surgeon’s artistic hand can provide. Our package starts with Rs. 75000 (inclusive of everything, but first an analysis is necessary.we are providing this offer as this offer is one of the best offer. Our surgery cost is same in both cities Delhi and ludhiana so which is suitable for you can get treatment. We follow manifested and trusted surgical guidelines because we believe it is prime to us to deliver excellence incorporated with progressive hair restoration methods. you can also drop as an email at satyamhairtransplantindia@gmail.com or call at numbers given in website.

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