A Successful Beard Hair Transplant

He complained about the loss of his hair on the beard region that had started since he was 25 years old. He couldn’t understand the cause since he had hair on the scalp and the other regions. The results of the diagnostic procedure implied that Alopecia Areata was the problem. We suggested that 2000 hair follicles had to be extracted from the scalp with the help of FUE technique. The FUE technique is more preferred when it comes to the body hair transplant procedures since it leaves no linear scars or requires suturing.

Implanting hair follicles into the smaller incisions also require great artistry to create natural results. The hair must be implanted in the same direction like the prevailing hair. The amount of hair inserted at each particular area must be correctly confirmed to prevent undesired results.

The procedure began with anesthesia after which grafts were harvested from the scalp mostly at the back of the ears. The hair was carefully implanted into the beard region after which the young man was sent home to wait for the outcomes. There were results each month until after 9 months when the beard was fully constructed. The young man is now proud of the results and never regrets about having the hair transplant. Successful beard transplants can transform someone to live happier gain.

To know the full information that is related to the hair transplant surgery you can watch this video: