BIO-FUE Hair Transplant

BIO-FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is a technique of hair extraction and implantation where hair is removed from the donor areas and then implanted in the recipient region. In this procedure, the grafts are individually harvested and also individually implanted. Hair harvesting can also be automated with the help of a robot that increases hair extraction. With the latest technology, there is BIO-FUE technique

What is the BIO-FUE procedure?

BIO-FUE is generally a procedure to make the transplanted hair healthier and better looking. It is a combination of FUE hair transplant procedure and the addition of the BIO treatment to enhance the results.

The procedure of BIO-FUE

The blood sample of a patient is extracted and taken to the laboratory where platelet cells are extracted from the blood.
They are stored until a patient is done with the implantation procedure.
The grafts are harvested individually from the donor area and implanted into the holes made in the recipient area
The platelet cells are then injected exactly into the transplanted area with a specialized instrument.
BIO-FUE is just a combination of FUE technique and the treatment added at the end of the transplantation procedure

Advantages of BIO-FUE technique

It strengthens the hair
It stimulates hair growth in the affected area and increases the healing process
It enhances the beauty of the hair
It leads to healthier hair

Get a BIO-FUE at Satyam India Hair transplantation clinic

BIO-FUE Hair Transplant in India requires expertise and that is found at Satyam India hair transplant clinic. At the clinic, we help patients after a thorough consultation process to provide all the details about the technique.

Are you a candidate for BIO-FUE Hair transplant?

Through consultation, a patient may clearly be informed about his or her eligibility for BIO-FUE. Some of the factors to look at are;

Patients who desire to rock short hairstyles
Those with limited donor supply
Patients who are preventing a linear scar through FUE technique
Patients who can afford it

Why choose BIO-FUE over others hair transplant techniques?

BIO-FUE is generally an enhancement hair transplant technique. A hair specialist can help a patient reduce the visibility of the scars in the form of the marks and also increase the physical appearance of the hair through the treatment used. The cells injected into the patient’s head cause cell regeneration and stimulate hair growth that simple FUE and FUT cannot do.

The results of BIO-FUE completely differ from the results of other techniques and that is when performed in a well-equipped hair transplant clinic with experienced physicians.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant cost in India is determined by the following factors
The type of the clinic one chooses
The type of hair transplant technique selected
Whether it is a revision or not
The surgeon to work on you
One may expect to spend between Rs. 40,000 to 85,000 when it comes to getting a hair transplant in India