Is Stress A Major Factor In Determining The Success Of My Hair Transplant Surgery?

Is Stress A Major Factor In Determining The Success Of My Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant has become a widespread alternative for restoration of hair on the bald parts of the scalp as it is a convenient and perhaps the most suitable alternative to regain the lost hair. The availability of medicines and other herbal or home remedies may be useful to some, those who fail to respond to any therapy settle for a hair transplant surgery.

How Can You Make Your Hair Transplant Successful?

The success of hair transplant rests on various factors and just the surgeon’s efficiency cannot ensure the total success of hair treatment. The person cannot afford even the smallest negligence on his part as it can go against his entire procedure instead of rendering him fruitful yields. The individual who is planning to opt for hair transplantation procedure must have a conversation with the hair restoration specialist.

The first thing to be discussed is the smoking habit. Smoking is against the blood circulation and supply of blood to the hair follicles for the growth of new hair is restricted and the new hair grafts may also face difficulty in clinging to the roots. Besides, consumption of alcohol even after hair transplantation can lead to the formation of clots or bleeding making the entire process ineffective. Therefore, giving up these habits can make hair transplant successful.

Stress and hair transplant

The fact cannot be denied that hair follicles detach from the scalp due to stress or any work that involves excessive stress. As far as hair transplantation is concerned, the hair does not get affected much by stress. A moderate amount of stress or sometimes, even higher stress does not reverse the newly introduced hairline to the scalp as this is quoted by successful hair transplant experts. Thus, stress as such does not have much bearing on the transplanted hair.

It is advised to be stress-free before the hair transplantation to make the procedure successful. The patient must refrain from any kind of stress and take leave from work if his work involves excessive stress for a period of at least two weeks. Additionally, he can do yoga, meditation, spa, massage, and other relaxing exercises to keep stress away from him totally.

All in all, the hair transplantation procedure does not have much relation with stress and the transplanted hair remains at its place once transplanted irrespective of the amount of stress that one has in his/her daily life or work.