Is There A Need For Second Hair Transplant?

Is There A Need For Second Hair Transplant?

Many times after getting a hair transplant done, people feel that they have to go for it again. Experts say that the transplanted hair is permanent and there are very fewer chances of the transplanted hair to be lost again. But, many patients have major problems of balding which needs many grafts to cover at one time. Some other patients may have a donor area which does not have enough hair supply (donor area is the area which is needed for covering the bald areas).

The first hair transparent is mostly a decision of surgeon to give you the best artistic result. This is done by using the hair follicles which are present in the donor area to convert the balding places on the head. The surgeon first draws a natural hairline,  which matches the patient’s facial features and also the shape of the person. After which the removed follicles from the donor area will be implanted in the balding areas of the scalp. The surgeon then plants the grafts into the balding parts.

Why Does The Need For Going Into A Second Hair Transplant Arise?

After getting first hair transplantation, some patients want to increase the density in transplanted areas, some others wish to close the crown area which couldn’t get transplanted during the first surgery. Another important reason for people to get another hair transplant is when they feel that the density of hair is very less

Why Is It Important To Wait For A Year For Getting Another Transplant Done?

You need to wait for some time before you go for another transplant. This is because the first transplant did not solve your problem of hair loss ( or any other hair related issue, for which you had to get the first hair transplant done), then you need to again go for the transplant the second time. Doing all this will surely take some time. It takes a maximum of 1 year for the changes to be noticeable. After that point of time, the hair will have become long and the surgeons and patient both can judge the effects of the first transplant.

Besides this, the donor area also takes time to heal and become strong. In case another hair transplantation is needed to be done, then your donor area should be ready for the same. Many times the surgeons look for the balance between the back of hair and receipt area, where hair follicles are to be planted.

Just like in the first hair transplant surgery. It is mostly the surgeon’s decision, the same way in the second transplant also the surgeon’s decision matters the most. It is because the surgeon knows all your medical history and can help you in case of any need.