When Is A Hair Transplant The Right Solution For You?

Modern world of appearance has made all personality freaks so for retaining their impressive look people consider many options to treat their bald heads.

Availability of many options for restoring hair generally forces the people to think that which is best option for them?

When they should go for hair transplant surgery which is permanent solution for baldness?

hair loss issues
  • If you have been facing pattern hair loss from more than 3 years then it is time to get surgical treatment as at this time you have the Norwood scale class 3 or higher hair loss for which hair transplantation is the best option
  • If you are suffering from scanty of hair growth and even have some areas not scalp that are infertile and follicles are resistant for any further development due to hormonal problems then transplantation is the best solution for you
  • If you are seeking for permanent solution with the quick recovery and natural hair then only the FUE transplantation can give you all at one time
  • If you have sufficient amount of the donor hairs that are loss resistant and best quality then you can restore your hair surgically as in this method person’s own healthiest and loss resistant follicles can be transplanted to cure baldness
  • If you are hale and hearty and having heredity of bald genes then you can get rid from it with the transplantation surgery for lifetime as this surgery is performed under local anesthesia so for the best results you must have good health
  • If you are in teenage and having progressive hair loss then transplantation is not right solution for you as in early age and in initial stage of hair loss having this treatment is not at all worth person must have this treatment in the age 30-40 with the controlled baldness for best ever results.