Hair loss is becoming greater concern for everyone as it not only leaves bald portions but also dent the outer look and self esteem of person. So medical science has introduced various options for the hair loss patients to restore their looks and one of them is PRP therapy. It is safe and revolutionary procedure for hair restoration.


What is PRP?

PRP is known as Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy done to restore the hair of patient. It is non surgical method in which patient’s own blood is drawn and centrifuged at optimized conditions to separate the plasma with platelets.

These plasmas rich in platelets are quite important for the tissue generation and healing of body. These platelets are injected into scalp with very needle in the area affected with hair loss.


Who can choose PRP?

This non surgical procedure is suitable and safe for all however if we consider ideal candidacy for this therapy then people with the problem of thinning hair and Androgentic alopecia means the male pattern baldness can take this therapy for desired results. Even the women with pattern hair loss can get benefit from this procedure.

This procedure requires the 8 sittings with the time gap of two weeks for getting desired results. Some time patients are also recommended for some medications along with the therapy. Even the therapy can be combined with the FUE hair transplant for best results.

Who can’t choose PRP?

Although the procedure is considered to be suitable for all but there are few people that cannot opt this procedure. Persons with complete baldness cannot undergo this treatment as it is not effective for the larger bald patches. It can only stimulate hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicles


After results

After the procedure patients can notice fuzz of hair soon after 2-3 sittings of treatment. It not only stimulates hair growth but also make the hair follicles healthier. This is safe anesthetic procedure without side effects. It is the permanent type of solution at affordable prices.