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Scalp pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation offers an appearance of trimmed or short hairs developing by scalp by strategically positioning the pigments. So they offer a look of short or shaved hairs. We are a leading hair restoration clinic offering scalp pigmentation for hair restoration.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a fully advanced procedure for cosmetic pigmentation. Just like making a tattoo, small needles are used to add colored pigment on the scalp. It is totally complicated procedure that offers assured result. We utilize automated control system, a leading technology in the present time that confirms delivery of a consistent look over the scalp and fully error-free results. Every treatment is shaped according to your skin color and its type.

What are its benefits?

  1. More economical procedure than hair transplant
  2. It offers significant benefits for hair loss without any risk of incision, infection and it is pain-free
  3. Full illusion of real shaved scalp.
  4. Quick healing that is about 2 to 3 days. The patients can resume their activities after two days.
  5. This treatment restores hair color that remains same irrespective of the previous shade.
  6. Any color can be chosen.

Micropigmentation treatment procedure

A treatment typically needs three to four visits. The procedure is conducted in the following steps:

  1. Get an appointment to meet with surgeon to understand the procedure and the results that you can receive with the treatment. Then a strategy is made to achieve your goals and offer the required results.
  2. The procedure commences, we aim to be conservative for your treatment to offer the best results. Subsequent to the first procedure, the scalp becomes red slightly and it becomes normal soon.
  3. In the second procedure more details are filled to offer darker shade. Patients can discuss their concerns and questions.
  4. Rarely a third procedure is conducted. This is performed upon request by the patient if they want to receive darker look.

When ink is placed on the affected scalp parts, surgeons carefully match your natural hair accurately. Moreover, darker shade is provided than your natural shade that looks like shadow and gives a 3D look of hairs on the full scalp. Ink at the hairline is used tenderly, offering a gentle touch to provide a fully natural appearance.

Each client usually has a different need. So during consultation, discuss your requirements and expected results in detail so that the experts can perform a custom procedure.

Recovery period

The patients usually recover within two to four days and can turn back to their routine within two days. The treatment process follows a strict procedure to allow your scalp heals during the treatment sessions.

Side effects

Micropigmentation has nominal side effects because this technique fixes the appearance of hair loss instead treating the internal cause. However there are not any adverse effects, you should still your physician first about taking this procedure to discuss about the necessary factors.

Pricing in india

The treatment type is widely based on client’s requirements.