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At our centre we use FUE AND FUT both techniques . Hair Transplant surgery (also known as hair restoration or hair implantation) treatment where moves individual hair follicles from donor to recipient site. Here in Jalandhar hair restoration clinic Dr. K.K Arora who is a member of IAHRS ()perform high quality hair surgery with both techniques FUE and FUT. It correct male pattern baldness and other hair loss. Basically by two techniques FUT and FUE . Follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation used for hair transplant in City Jalandhar. Hairs grow by naturally groups in 1 to 4 hairs, follicular Units. Under local anesthesia its performed by hair surgeons. where 3 to 4 inch scalp removed with scalpel, surgeon sews the scalp after some time its hidden by hairs around.

So then surgeons divide that strip of removed scap into 600 to 2000 tiny grafts which containing individual hairs. Healthy hair follicles are removed from back of head then transplanted into that area where hair loss occurs.

Surgery:- Surgery involves to transplant follicular units where each follicular contain one to four hairs. The common method of transplantation is called strip harvesting method or FUT.

The technique of hair restoration surgeon a widely to do their hair transplant results in Jalandhar. This method of hair transplantation is not only painless and stitch-less but it doesn’t leave any type of scars post surgery. Hair Transplant technique yields 100% natural results with freedom from side effects. Satyam Hair Transplant Center Jalandhar is one of the premier hair transplant centers in India, which offers the patients excess to latest technology. The OT at the Satyam Hair Transplant in Jalandhar is well equipped. Known for its highest standards of results and quality care to patients. The center has successful track history of doing large number of hair transplants on patients from Canada, U.S.A, Middle East, U.K., Australia, Singapore, Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa, and Nigeria. if you want to know more about hair tranplant Read this book Hair Transplant



    Our operation theaters are highly advanced and offer the patients access to the latest technology to ensures high quality natural results free from side effects. Special care is taken to make the atmosphere highly hygienic and infection free before every surgery. Staff also works hard to ensure optimum comfort of patients and make the procedure pain-free for them. While undergoing procedure, patients can talk to the doctor, listen to soothing music, watch TV, and read book. there is all here at our main centre in India Jalandhar, Restoration centre in Jalandhar.

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    Finally my nightmare is over. Thanx to the cooperation of the Satyam Hospital Jalandhar hair transplant Results
    Jasmel Singh
    Jaldandhar Hair Transplant
    The overall experience was good. The staff and doctors were friendly and helpful. No post operative pains and stay in Hospital was comfortable. Thanks a lot to the team.
    Jagjit Garcha
    Jalandhar hair transplant

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