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Hair loss means thinning or baldness of scalps hair. Baldness or thinning of hairline can make a person conscious about his looks or severely affect his self-confidence. Hair loss is very common among elderly man but nowadays it is affecting young men and women. The reason for this problem is different in men and women. But environmental pollution, lack of nutrition and use of chemical hair products has increased it to a considerable level. With this, medical science has also evolved and have the solution for each problem. Hair loss is usually treated with medicine in early stages but when there is no hope for re-growth of hair naturally, hair transplant is taken into consideration.

Amritsar has become a much-liked destination for hair transplant. Amritsar has many skilled professionals which are providing FUE at very affordable price. It has a number of hair treatment clinics and hair transplant centers which are providing latest hair transplant techniques to give their patients best results. Hair transplant is the best solution for elderly men and women. It is not considered as a good option for young men and women. Follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction are two methods which are mostly used as hair transplant methods. Because of many side-effects of Follicular unit transplantation treatment, Follicular unit extraction has become the most favorite of hair patient people. FUE is completely painless and scarless hair transplant technique which has no side effect as it is. This result in the natural hair look. This method is more successful because in this you can use chest hair and thigh hair as donors hair.


    Satyam Hair Transplant Centre

    Satyam hair transplant is the obvious destination if you are looking for a solution to all sorts of hair problems at a single place. With the highest degree of professionalism, we don’t believe in letting our customers feel devoid of the personal treatment by our staff. With our expert doctors, state of the art and highest standards, you are bound to feel special. With our staff brimming to the core with attention and personal touch directed towards very patient, you will forget that you are getting treated in a hospital. Make your hospital visit a joyous experience by choosing Satyam. You will be amazed at the ultra-modern facilities we offer. Our surgery rooms are well equipped with world class equipment. Undoubtedly, we are the best hair transplant center in Amritsar.

    Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Amritsar

    Dr.krishan kumar arora heads the clinic. He is a pioneer in the field of Hair Transplant. With years of experience and plenty of surgeries behind him, he is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Amritsar. He has been associated with many leading institutes as far as his academic record is concerned. He has been trained by one of the best surgeons in the world. Truly, he is an icon of perfection in the field of hair transplant.

    Hair transplant surgery

    It is a surgical process in which the hair is transplanted from one area of the head to another. It is the well-noted observation that the crown and the middle area of the men seem to show balding, whereas the sides and the back continue to sport normal hair growth. It is this remaining hair which acts as our savior. When you approach the doctor for a hair transplant, he clearly marks the area with abundant growth as the donor area. The area which shows scanty hair growth is marked as the recipient area.The doctor aims to extract the hair grafts from the donor area and transplant them to the recipient area using a specialized process. The latest techniques which are being used nowadays are Bio FUE and robotic surgery.

    The Cost Factor

    Of course, the treatment costs a lot but it is nothing in comparison to the results it generates. Hair transplant cost in Amritsar will vary according to the area to be covered during the transplant. The cost will also vary according to the procedure chosen. One can also opt for FUE hair transplant in Amritsar if one wishes to.
    Recent research has shown that nearly 35 million men and 21 million women are facing hair loss. The procedure of hair transplant has been adopted mainly by men, with them accounting for nearly 86% of the patients while women accounting for nearly 14 %. India is also being considered as a much favored medical tourist spot as the procedure is readily available at an affordable cost here.
    Hair transplant is the perfect answer to hair loss problems due to male pattern problems. It is also a blessing for female androgenetic alopecia. It is not only related to the scalp, but also used for restoring eyebrows, and hair loss due to alopecia, restoration of facial hair like beard and moustache.

    A Detailed Look At Hair Transplant At Satyam

    Since the hair growth at the back has not been affected by baldness, it indicates that it is resistant to DHT. Thus the transplanted hair will also be DHT resistant. This means that the transplanted hair will continue to grow in a natural manner. We now aim to describe how we carry out the bio-FUE technique, which is an improvement over the traditional technique. The various phases of bio-FUE are as follows-

    Planning & Hairline Design

    The surgeon discusses the minute details of the surgery and the expected results with the patient. He plans the hairline carefully so that the results are natural and according to the expectation of the patient.

    Donor area trimming and administration of anesthesia

    The next step is the administration of anesthesia and preparing the scalp for trimming. It involves the application of a numbing gel which reduces the feeling of pain during the administration of anesthesia. Nerve blocks are injected along within anesthesia through thin needles which leads to minimum discomfort. We also use vibrators to minimize the pain.

    Creation of recipient site

    This procedure is also called the process of slit making. It marks the direction and density of the procedure. The slit gives two benefits-it minimizes the time the hair graft spends out of the body and the extraction can be carried out according to the planning. Use of customized CTS(cut to size ) blades which have proper depth cause minimum damage to the underlying blood vessels.

    Extraction of follicles

    The hair follicles are extracted using the flat punch methodology. This method gives the benefit of minimal graft wastage. The grafts so extracted are done so from the safe donor area. The follicles are kept hydrated. These two factors ensure the minimal wastage of the donor area so that you can avail more sessions later on.

    Graft counting

    Post extraction, the patient can count the grafts, which are arranged in a row-column form. After this, the patient signs the consent form. The implantation process is initiated after this step.


    This is the final step of the process. The graft implantation is made in the slits which have already been made. The surgeon uses double forceps and carries out the implantation using the first in first out mechanism. A team member continually sprays the grafts with a saline solution to keep them hydrated. It is ensured that there is no mechanical trauma to the grafts with the use of double forceps.

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