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Arm Lift Surgery, treatment, and Cost

There are different cosmetic procedures that are used to make one’s body perfect. These surgical procedures are performed by experts and well-experienced surgeon who removes the sagging tissue/fat from the body and seals it in a way that the body is tightened and healthy at the end. In the cosmetic surgery, Arm Lift treatment in India is one of the commonest surgeries performed on men and women of all age groups.


    What is an Arm Lift Surgery?

    An arm lift surgery is also known as Brachioplasty and it is a surgery where excessive fat and skin from the armpit area to the elbow are removed and the arm tightened to give it the best shape. Contouring of the arms can be performed on the upper side of the arm or on the lower side of the arm.

    The procedure of the surgery

    • This surgery is mainly an outpatient procedure and it can take one or two hours and a half, depending on the type of size of the arm, other procedures that have to be performed or anything else.
    • Local anesthesia is administered to a patient and the arm is marked differentiating the area that is experiencing the sagging effect.
    • Liposuction is made to remove the excessive fat
    • Incisions are then made depending on the length of the sagging skin, but normally, incisions may run from the elbow to the armpit or up to the chest area.
    • After the excessive fat and skin are removed, the surgeon may place drains for a better healing process which have to be removed after two or three days
    • The surgeon will use sutures to tighten the skin, which may be removable or absorbable within the body.


    Recovery period and postoperative care

    • After the procedures, bandages are placed on the arm and painkillers are given to a patient to use whenever necessary
    • Normally, the recovery period if two to three weeks
    • Drain will be removed within the first 11 days of the surgery
    • The swelling and redness will be no more in four weeks

    Who is a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

    • One with a constant body weight
    • One with an overall good health condition
    • An arm lift surgery may also be performed in cases where a patient has failed to get rid of the excessive fat or skin through simple exercises.
    • An arm lift surgery must not be performed in cases where a patient experiences a changing body weight. It must be performed where a patient lost excessive weight and it left a sagging skin on the arms or when a patient is aging and it has caused the sagging skin.


    Advantages of an arm lift surgery

    • An arm lift surgery helps in the overall contouring of the body.
    • Permanent results
    • It is safe and offers desirable results

    The cost of the surgery

    India charges a friendly, cost than many other countries. The cost may reduce or increase, but the cost that anyone can consider is $1,550.

    Arm lift cost in India depends on many factors such as;

    • The clinic and the surgeon to perform the procedure
    • Tests that are required
    • Anesthesia
    • Medications and treatments needed


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