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Blepharoplasty treatment and Cost in India

Blepharoplasty or an eyelid surgery is a procedure where fat and skin is removed from the eyelids. The surgery can either be performed on a lower eyelid or an upper eyelid. This procedure is mainly performed due to cosmetic reasons or medical reasons.


    What really leads to Blepharoplasty?

    As we grow, the skin tends to become loose and the muscles weaken and this will cause the sagging effect around the eyes. This problem can occur due to aging or other natural factors that can’t be controlled.

    They make a person appear older than his or her actual age in the case of those below 45 years.

    In addition, the skin that falls may disrupt one’s vision and also cause low self-confidence.


    Before the procedure

    A patient is explained about the procedure of the surgery plus the postoperative care. Physical examinations are taken prior to the surgery for the surgeon to be well conversant with the patient’s eyes.


    The procedure

    • General anesthesia is administered to a patient
    • The procedure normally takes 2 hours
    • Incisions are made in the upper part of the eye and the unwanted fat and tissue are removed. The skin is sutured and cotton is placed on the eye for some time.
    • In the case of the lower eyelid procedure, a transconjunctival technique is used because it leaves no visible scars and it also helps a surgeon add or remove fat.
    • Patients who may need to remove wrinkles around the eye may also use the transconjunctival technique together with the laser resurfacing method.


    Benefits of Blepharoplasty

    1. It removes the excessive skin around the eyes
    2. It improves the facial appearance of an individual
    3. Improves visions
    4. Removes droopy lower eyelids
    5. It can be performed at the same time with another surgery, for example, face lift.


    Risks associated with Blepharoplasty

    • Infections
    • Damage to the muscles around the eyes
    • Blood clots
    • Irritation of the eyes
    • Scarring
    • Disturbed functioning of the eyes

    Recovery period and after the surgery

    • Thin bandages are used to cover stitches after the surgery
    • Absorbable stitches may be used and if at all removable stitches are used, they have to be removed after a week
    • Cool compresses can be used to bring down swelling and redness and these disappear after a few days. Blepharoplasty treatment in India must be taken seriously to avoid complications.
    • The recovery period is generally short and one can return to work after a few days.
    • Moving around can help quicken the recovery period

    Blepharoplasty cost in India

    A minimum of 1600 dollars is expected to be spent on the surgery, but just like any other surgery, other factors must also be considered.

    Nonsmokers, one with realistic expectations and a healthy person can go in for this surgery. Post-operative care and treatment must be followed as the surgeon may recommend. Follow-up is normally done after the surgery

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