10 Factors that decide the best candidate for hair transplant

10 Factors that decide the best candidate for hair transplant

    Nowadays more than 50% people are suffering from the hair loss problem in very young age and to root out this problem they plan for hair transplant which is considered to be effective and result oriented method to restore hair on permanent basis.

    Hair transplantation is surgical method in which hair roots from scalp are removed and harvested into bald areas so it is quite simple and safe procedure so anyone can get this treatment without any problem

    Factors that decide eligibility for hair transplantation

    Hair transplantation is safe and suitable for almost all but there are few factors that make you best candidate for hair transplantation, eligibility of the candidate can add advantage to the results of this method so do not forget to consider few factors before surgery

    • Age

    Age of the candidate can affect the results of hair transplant as the candidates who are below the age of 30 are not considered as best candidates due to the initialization of hair loss problem and it can lead in progress even after the hair treatment so candidates of 30s and 40s are best candidates for this procedure as they have controlled baldness. Even it is difficult to get good results after the age of 50s as their scalp become less responsive to the procedure due to age factor.

    • Health conditions

    Before going to hair transplantation candidate must be aware about his health conditions and must inform to the doctor. Patient should not have any contradiction to any medication and should have good health before the surgery.

    • Lifestyle

    Eating habits and lifestyle of the candidate also effect the results as the person who have habit of smoking are not advisable for hair transplant and the persons should have good eating habits including balance and healthy diet as it is good for the immune system and will help in healing and recovery after the surgery.

    • Hair loss classification

    Classification for hair loss can determine the results. Generally surgeon on the basis of classification of hair loss like Norwood scaling for men determines the estimation of results after surgery.

    • Level of baldness

    Level of baldness can also determine the eligibility of candidate for surgery as the people with established pattern baldness are suitable for this treatment. It there is just starting of hair loss then candidates are not advised for this surgery as in future they will have to go for another transplantation.

    • Laxity of scalp

    Laxity of the scalp help the surgeon to determine the extraction of follicles persons with the higher laxity are best for this treatment especially for strip method as it help the surgeon to extract larger strip.

    • Realistic expectations

    Persons who are having the realistic expectations after the surgery are good candidates as this procedure ensures the expected results but that results should be realistic and achievable.

    • Controlled hair loss

    Before the surgery people are advised to go for some king of medications to control their hair loss problem otherwise the surgery cannot help the patient due to uncontrolled hair loss which can create problem in future after transplantation

    • Commitment for care

    Person must be committed for the after care as it can help to minimize the minor associated risks for the surgery like swelling, redness and itching.

    • Strong donor area

    Candidates who are having strong donor area with the sufficient hair either on scalp or on other body part for extraction are the best candidates for transplantation.