5 Ways to Have Undetectable Hair Transplant Surgery

5 Ways to Have Undetectable Hair Transplant Surgery

    If you want to have the hair transplant in Kolkata then you are lucky enough that you could get undetectable, natural and outstanding results after the surgery as in Kolkata top-notch techniques and tools are utilized by the experienced surgeons during the surgery that causes the least damage to the scalp and cause next to invisible scars.

    While having FUT or FUE hair transplant, the patient can have minimal scars like in FUT surgery strip of hair follicles has been removed that leaves the person with the linear scar on the donor area of scalp whereas in FUE surgery patient can have tiny scars due to the extraction of individual hair follicles for transplantation. Here are some ways to get scar fee surgery

    Discuss your aesthetic preference with your doctor

    Before surgery, it is important to discuss openly with your surgeon about your future expectation from the surgery and your requirements on the basis of your bald areas. As only the efficiency an state of the art of your surgeon can help you to get rid of scars.

    Care your surgical site

    Your commitment and contribution for after surgery care can improve the healing of the scalp so the scars of surgery can get fade way very soon. You must avoid the direct exposure of sun, heat and extreme temperature can cause damage to transplanted areas, transplanted grafts, and the scalp. You proper wound care can also minimize the risk of scars.

    Loose and flexible hairstyles

    It is good to have a loose and flexible hairstyle as otherwise your tight hairstyle can break the hair follicles from roots and leaves them with scars. Moreover, if you are having scars then with appropriate hairstyle so that you could cover     and hide your surgical scars

    Scalp Micropigmentation

    It is the cosmetic procedure in which ink is plotted in the bald or scary areas of the scalp so that they imitate the existing hair. This procedure is also appropriate for concealing the scalp scars. The patients who already have FUT hair transplantation and have linear scar can choose this procedure to give the hairy and scar-free look to the procedure.

    Steroid Injections

    It is the cosmetic procedure in which steroid injections are given to induce the shirking, fading and flattening of scars. This is the additional treatment that is given after the surgery so that patient can have the scar-free hair restoration.

    Moreover, in some clinics, the advanced procedures like Bio-FUE have practiced that cause near to zero scars and even the treatments like robotic hair transplantation are also scar-free procedure.  With the advancement of technology, the patient can have the scar-free procedures along with the high comfort level of the patient.