9 False Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery

9 False Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair transplantation treatment is the best method to treat the problem of hair loss and balding. but, at times it is seen that people are not aware of the procedure completely which leads to misconceptions. To solve this problem, we have mentioned the top false facts linked to the surgery.

    Below we have mentioned the top 9 false facts linked to the hair transplantation treatment.

    • Hair transplantation treatment gives temporary results

    During the hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles are taken from the donor area where hair growth is maximum. After that, they are transplanted where hair growth is very less. As the hair follicles are taken from the patient’s scalp so the hair growth is permanent.

    • The treatment works best for men only

    Many people think that the procedure is only the right choice for men which is not true. The hair transplant can also work best for women. Consult our hair transplant doctor as they will let you know about the entire procedure in detail.

    • Transplantation procedure is very painful

    During the surgery, the patient is given anesthesia which helps in reducing the discomfort and pain. So, this is not true that while undergoing the surgery you will experience a lot of pain.

    • The procedure will not work after a certain age

    To get the treatment, age is not the factor instead the pattern of hair loss is determined. If the person has enough donor area then you can easily get the treatment at any point in time.

    • Results will be seen immediately

    You need to keep in mind that you have to wait for some time to see the final results. The hair follicles need time to grow and at 3rd months you can notice hair of around 1.5cm. The proper hair growth will be seen in the 9th month.

    • The treatment is extremely expensive

    Getting the one-time treatment which gives the permanent results is the best choice. The cost of surgery is affordable as the treatment plan will be made according to your problem.

    • Hair grafts of another person can be used

    The most important factor of transplant procedure is that patients own hair grafts are taken as they match the hairline and this is why the results look natural. So, this is not true that the method uses the hair grafts of another person.

    • Transplantation cannot give natural results

    The best part is that treatment helps in giving the natural-looking hair which means they perfectly match your existing hairline.

    • Before the surgery hair is shaved

    Well, there is no need to shave the hair before getting the treatment. So, men and women do not have to worry about getting their appearance changed.