Alcohol’s Effect on Hair Loss

Alcohol’s Effect on Hair Loss

    It is true that consumption of alcohol is negative for health. But, studies have also shown that it affects hair growth and it can even lead to excessive hair fall. People who drink it in the excess face this issue more. In this topic, we will tell you how alcohol negatively affects the growth of hair.

    Hair is the most essential feature as it really helps in changing the personality of any person. But there are certain things which negatively affect the hair and one of them is the consumption of alcohol. Here, we will tell how consumption of alcohol leads to hair fall.

    • Consumption of alcohol affects the acid balance of the body

    When you drink alcohol it is affecting the body. This means when your body digest alcohol, it leaves an acidic waste in the body. It is essential that the human body must maintain a balance between acid and alkaline state. Drinking alcohol shift the balance more towards the acidic side. This affects the hair follicles and makes them weak. So, it is essential you consume more alkaline after drinking alcohol like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seeds.

    • Alcohol can damage the liver which can lead to build up of toxins in the blood

    Studies have shown that people who drink alcohol in excess are more prone to liver damage. The liver actually helps in removing the toxins and also help to purify the blood. The liver is affected because it is not able to process alcohol. This can lead to dehydration which makes it harder for the liver to function. Eventually, this results in affecting the hair and can also cause inflammation in the body. This can result in hair thinning and hair loss.

    If the problem is increasing a lot then you should visit the doctor for hair transplant.

    • Folic used essentially for hair growth is affected

    It is a synthetic vitamin used by the body for treating folate deficiency. Drinking alcohol can affect folic acid absorption in the body. If there is less folic acid in the body then oxygen is at a low level and nutrients will not get delivered properly to the hair which makes the hair follicles weak and affect the hair in a negative way.

    • Increase in estrogen level is linked with pattern baldness

    Estrogen is actually helpful in regulating female secondary sex characteristics. But, alcohol consumption is linked to increasing the level of estrogen in the body. With the increase of female hormone in the body, the hair is affected negatively. In the male, if the estrogen level is high then also the follicles will premature early.

    • Not able to sleep properly and stress

    Studies have shown that consumption of alcohol affects the quality of sleep. This can leave you stressed. This affects the hair follicles which eventually make the hair weak and dull.