An Overview of Liposuction Surgery

An Overview of Liposuction Surgery

    Obesity is the problem that every nation is facing. Someone has beautifully said that obesity is the global epidemic now. As we are living in the techno world, a number of the new technologies has come in the market.


    Liposuction is the cosmetic surgery that is used to remove extra fat from the one or more body parts.

    This surgery can be done for both the areas.

    1. Smaller area: It is done under the chin space.
    2. Larger areas: it includes the thighs and buttocks area of the body.

    Types of Liposuction treatments: There are two types of this technique and mostly both techniques are used in collaboration in order to achieve the excellent results.

    TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION: In this technique, doctors inject a large amount of the fluid in the area where fat cells need to be reduced.

    Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: This technique uses the ultrasound vibrations to liquefy the concentrated fat.
    This therapy is used to liquefying fat and it also helps in tightening the skin. Liposuction surgery is also named with lipoclastic, suction lumpectomy etc.

    Candidate for the liposuction:

    OVERWEIGHT: It is suitable for those whose weight is not stable.
    IMPROPER EXERCISE AND DIET: It is suitable for those who do not does exercises and follow any diet plan
    LESS SKIN ELASTICITY: It is more suitable for healthy young adults with less skin elasticity.
    LESS MUSCLE TONE: It is suitable for those who have less muscle tone
    NOT GOOD SHAPE: It is beneficial for those who don’t have good physical shape.

    BEST RESULTS IN MIDDLE AGE PEOPLE: This therapy work best for the adults above 45 ages.
    NON_SMOKER: This therapy is beneficial for those who don’t smoke.


    SKIN DIMPLING: It is not suitable for the candidates who are having skin dimpling.
    CHRONIC MEDICAL PROBLEMS: It is not performed for those who are having chronic health issues like restricted blood flow, diabetes, heart problems and weaken the immune system.

    Recovery tips after Liposuction Surgery:

    Liposuction helps to remove the excess fat from your body. Liposuction change the lifestyle both sexes, they get the body they require or they dream of. Before actual surgery, one should follow some precautions like:

    Don’t smoke
    Limit the alcohol intake.
    Eat healthy food.
    Take leave from the work and do some rest.
    Don’t take any medication.

    Cost of Liposuction surgery:

    India is renowned for providing competitive medical treatment for the individuals of the world. Liposuction surgery in India is the one of the most developed cosmetic surgery. Liposuction surgery cost in India now is much less than the cost in the other countries. Liposuction surgery cost is dependent upon the area for which you will perform the surgery. The cost will be higher for the bigger fat excessive area than the less fat area.