Are People With Diabetes good Hair Transplant Candidate?

Are People With Diabetes good Hair Transplant Candidate?

    Several things you need to keep in mind while a hair transplant. People with diabetes can also have a good hair transplant. For an instance, hair transplant in Ludhiana have experienced the same case.

    Some of the important points regarding this can be –

    • Your blood sugar should be properly in control.
    • How a quite long duration of hair treatment can affect the level of blood sugar.
    • How the diabetic condition can affect the body in future.
    • The effect of hair loss in diabetes.
    • Diabetes and its effect on the rest of body like immune system.

    How the diabetic condition can affect the hair fall?

    Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level is very much high and the presence of sugar content in the body becomes very high. There are mainly two types of diabetic patients. One is less common and second can be commonly observed. In the type 1 it gets diagnosed as soon as possible while in the other, the body does not need to produce the enough insulin.

    Insulin keeps the glucose level in the blood under control and also the condition of blood glucose in the overall body might be managed. Sometimes there is a possibility that a diabetic hormonal imbalance can cause the hair fall. It can be a difficult task to maintain the uncontrolled level of sugar in the blood and diabetic circulatory problems can cause the hair fall. It can also cause the changes in the shape of haemoglobin which is present in red blood cells.

    How a diabetic autoimmune situation can lead to hair loss?

    There is always a risk of being autoimmune and it can also lead to attacking your own cells of body. Within the lengthy process, blood sugar levels can be harmful because it starts getting unstable. In the type 2 much can be depend on the mental condition and the medical history of the patient. Blood tests can help a lot to start with the procedure, may need some help to go further for treatment and testing of the hormones which are responsible for the hair growth.

    What is the duration of the treatment and what about healing of wound?

    It takes round about 6 to 8 months and with anxiety, adrenaline the glucose level can go up and boost up the energy. It ensures that the surgery is completely safe to carry on.