Are you pissed because of thinning hair? Try PRP therapy

Are you pissed because of thinning hair? Try PRP therapy

    If you are witnessing progressive hair loss, it will soon start affecting your self-confidence (if not already). Quite possibly, you will be bald in a few months. Therefore it is recommended that think of going under proper hair loss treatment to arrest the hair fall. You can consider PRP therapy for the same.

    What commonly causes hair loss?

    With advancing age, you might notice that your hair is losing the thickness and fullness which it used to have. Many changes happen with advancing age and these changes include excessive thinning and hair loss as well. It could also be a result of medications or hormonal imbalance in the body.

    • hair fall and loss could also be caused by
    • Heredity
    • Stress
    • Improper  diet
    • Underlying medical conditions

    Hair loss can also be caused due to use of various styling products and heat-activated devices on the hair over a long period.

    PRP and hair loss

    Platelet-rich plasma is vital for hair growth as it consists of special growth factors that are capable of stimulating the production of new cells. PRP can be obtained by centrifugation of the natural blood of a patient. PRP has been used in treating various medical problems. Of late, the technique has been introduced for hair loss as well.

    When one opts for Therapy with PRP, he has to get his blood extracted, usually from his arm. The doctor then passes this blood through a centrifuge which will quickly spin the blood and obtain the PRP  as the top layer.

    The PRP contains a high percentage of growth factors which are injected into the scalp of the patient. Before the injection, the doctor will numb your scalp using topical anesthesia to minimize your discomfort.

    After 4-6 weeks, you will witness new hair growth. However, additional treatments may be required to maximize the hair growth rate and also increase hair thickness.

    Benefits of PRP therapy 

    PRP therapy helps in reviving your natural hair growth invasive techniques. The process is free of implants or incisions. You can undergo treatment as an outpatient as it is quick and pain-free.

    As PRP triggers the production of new, healthy cells, there will be continuous improvement in the months that follow after the treatment. The results will also be long-lasting and durable.

    You will not be susceptible to any infection or side effects as your own blood will be extracted for PRP. There are absolutely no chances of the body rejecting the PRP as it comes from your own body, not from somebody else’s.

    How to optimize natural hair growth after PRP

    Besides PRP injections, you can also incorporate some changes in your lifestyle and diet to proliferate the growth of new hair. Ensure that you eat a healthy diet and have a good intake of vitamins which are helpful in encouraging new growth and safeguarding your hair follicles. Invest time in massaging your scalp regularly with oil at home and also maintain a daily exercise regimen to enhance the blood circulation in your scalp.