Bad Habits That May Be Damaging Your Facial Hairs

Bad Habits That May Be Damaging Your Facial Hairs

    We all know hair is one of the important parts for women as well as men. For men, it is also necessary that they take proper care. Moreover, care of facial hair should not be neglected. It is just like a precious trophy which is cherished by every beards-men. You might not know there are some practices which can damage your beard. You might be surprised to know that there are some practices which can affect the beard hair as well.

    • Not moisturizing your beard

    One of the important things is to moisturize your beard. Some people might not beware of this that for the beard oil is available just to moisturize them. If the skin is dry and not properly hydrated it will become itchy and hair will become brittle. If you do so then you can say goodbye to itchy beard, no more beard-ruff. In that case, the hair will fall out and you have to get facial hair transplant which can solve the problem. It means you will have soft and shiny beard hair as well as healthy hair.

    • Pulling it out

    The cause of beard hair loss is pulling and plucking the hair. This can really ruin the beard which you have grown for such a long time. It can also create a hole and in that case, you have to either shave the area or the entire beard, so that the hair can grow back again. In case, if you facing problem then you should consult the doctor. One of the best ways to solve the problem is to get a beard hair transplant.

    • Stroking it again and again

    Stroking the beard very gently will not harm at all. But the problem arises when you stroke it again and again. Sometimes our hands are dirty, so the bacteria and dirt will get transfer to the beard. It will also get more oily as well as your skin. In a worse scenario, you can have acne on the face. You should wash your hand properly after doing something or eating anything to avoid any problem.

    • Plucking the hair

    As we age, we start having Grey or white hair. They also popping around the beard and we start plucking them. You should not do this at all, as it will make the problem even worse. It may cause irritation, ingrown hair, and infection. So, you should not do this thing.