Before and After Result of an Eyebrow Hair transplant

Before and After Result of an Eyebrow Hair transplant

    Men and women get eyebrow transplant procedures to correct issues that include;

    • Botched eyebrow surgeries
    • Sudden hair loss or thinning
    • Hair that grows in the wrong direction
    • Less or no hair due to treatments and abnormalities

    A perfect example is a woman who needed an eyebrow hair transplant after putting up with unattractive eyebrows for several years. The hair started thinning after chemotherapy a cancer treatment that may cause hair to thin. During a consultation, she expressed her fear of getting poor results that will again call for a second eyebrow hair transplant.

    Good enough experts at our hair transplant centre understand that hair loss is a real trauma to some patients, so we ensured her of the possible best results to attain. It was estimated that she will need 250 grafts to fill in each eyebrow and FUE technique would be used to extract hair from the hairline at the back of the ears. Another important fact that is revealed to any patient before an eyebrow hair transplant is that the eyebrows will need trimming since scalp hair grows faster than the body hair.

    During the procedure, hair grafts were extracted from the back of the scalp and implanted with great artistry skills. Eyebrows are fashioned in an appropriate manner to look their best even without makeup. That means that the direction, angle and the embedding of the grafts has to be discussed before the procedure.

    Eyebrows are segmented into 3 parts with each part consisting of a different density. The fact that eyebrows are always exposed to the public also requires the surgeon to discern for the sake of the patient. A meticulously performed procedure will help a patient get perfect results after an eyebrow hair transplant in India