Which Season is Best For Hair Transplant: Summers Or Winters?

Which Season is Best For Hair Transplant: Summers Or Winters?

    A number of the patients visit us every day. And usually, each one of them does have the same question at the end, “Which is the best time to undergo the hair transplant – Winters or Summers?”

    Are you having the same question? If yes, then move further with our today’s blog:

    Winters: The best time for undergoing hair transplant than SUMMERS

    The winter’s call for so many reasons to celebrate. Celebration demands holidays for sure. Holiday means staying home. And staying home is what the recovery period for the hair transplant wants. Moreover, winters save the hair grafts from becoming prey to the scorching heat.

    Undergoing a hair transplant in winter saves you from the winter’s hair loss that every person undergoes.

     Summers: Though winters are considered best for undergoing a hair transplant in Punjab, summers are not bad as well. Right?

    This gives you too many reasons for staying home in front of the air conditioner and not wandering here and there in the scorching heat of the sun. This season allows for better recovery itself.

    Does the cost remain the same with both seasons?

    Yes, the change in the seasons does not cause a major impact on the Hair Transplant Cost. It remains the same. We believe in making changes to it only when a new advancement is made to the nature and mechanism of the procedure.

    Do the eating habits which change with change in season impact the recovery time?

    There are numerous items which people consider to eat only during the winters like Panjiri, Til Ke Laddo and Gajar Ka Halwa (Loaded with Desi Ghee), Honey, Dry fruits. And must say, all these items are must to be eaten if the early recovery is aimed. So here again the winters win in terms of the recovery after the hair transplantation period.

    Funny But True!

    The recovery Period of the hair transplant is the time which you do not want to wash your hair frequently. You have to be very picky with the days when you should get them washed. The summers are times when we feel like washing our hair every alternative day. But winters kill our daily hair washing urge. So WINTERS wins against the summers.

    Sad But Follow!

    The Winter season calls for each member of the family to lay the folding bed right at the surface where the rays of the sun are directly approaching. We all want to benefit from that winter’s sun whose warmth makes us feel a little dizzy but pleasant. Unfortunately, after undergoing a hair transplant, you cannot take the warmth of the sun.