Biggest Causes Of The Hair Fall

Biggest Causes Of The Hair Fall

    Most of the people are finicky about their personal health care and their upkeep. So, they include good healthy habits in their life style but ends up with of practices. Hair loss in men is the biggest issue from the ancient period of time. Hair loss is the universal issue that can gradually increase with the healthy habits. There are some environmental factors that increase hair loss in women .so; it is essential condition that everyday hair care habits should be adopted in a wise manner.

    What’s the reasons of hair falling out?

    It is the true fact that men hair are more likely to lose as compare to women. Most of the men are suffer from the male pattern baldness. But the thinning and hair loss are the two biggest issues that is commonly found in women. There are number of reasons that are responsible for the cause of the hair fall. Reasons range from the vitamin deficiency to the more serious health problem. There are numbers of the ways to treat the male and female hair loss. It mostly depends upon the cause of the hair loss.

    Reasons of hair loss

    1. Physical stress: if there is any kind of the trauma surgery, a car accident, a severe illness may also cause hair loss. This can trigger a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. Hair has a programmed life cycle: A growth phase, a rest phase and the shedding phase. When you are in stress, it can disturbance the hair cycle.

    2. Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the one type of the physical stress that can cause the hair loss. Pregnancy related hair loss is commonly seen after the baby has delivered.

    3 Taking too much Vitamin A: Overdose of vitamin A can cause triggers the hair loss. The daily requirement of vitamin A is 5000 international units for the adults.

    4. Lack of protein: If there is not sufficient amount of protein in your diet, then your body stops hair growth.

    5. Male Pattern baldness: Another reason of the hair loss is male pattern baldness. Men at the age of 60 or above 60, is suffering from the male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is caused by the combo of genes and male sex hormones.

    6 Diverse hair styles: There are certain hair styles that can cause stress to the hair style, can cause the problem of hair loss.

    7. Extensive use of the hair products: there are some chemical based hair products that cause the problem of the hair loss.

    8. Excessive exposure to chemicals and heat: Continuous use of the chemicals and excessive heat can weak the hair growth. As a result, hairs are falling out.

    9. An iron deficient diet: If you are consuming diet that is deficient in iron. This would be the biggest issue of hair fall in you.

    10. Having an Unclean scalp: If you don’t clean your scalp properly. Then, it is the source of various inflammatory and infectious diseases.

    There are some other factors like birth control pills, some chronic type of medications are other causes of the hair fall.