Can A Bad Hair Transplant be Fixed?

Can A Bad Hair Transplant be Fixed?

    Hair transplant is the surgical procedure which is designed to treat hair fall in both genders. This is the type of treatment which will give you best results but sometimes you may experience bad hair transplant surgery due to some factors.

    Reasons behind Bad Hair Transplantation

    There are many factors which affect the results of hair transplantation such as inexperience of the surgeon, not proper hair growth at the donor site, improper post-care, and wrong transplantation techniques. Sometimes you experience bad hair transplant if you choose cheap surgeon or treatment type, in this way, you will surely experience the wrong treatment.

    Can A Bad Hair Transplant be Fixed?

    Yes, it is possible to treat your bad transplant easily with the help of the FUE transplant method. This is the method which is totally recent and modern transplantation method which gives you better results with natural looking hair growth. Moreover, this is the technique in which you cannot face any type of side effects such as scarring at the donor area or swelling.

    Bad hair transplantation is usually fixed with the help of NEO graft method which is designed under the FUE transplantation technique. This is the method which is specially designed to treat bad or failed hair transplant process. Or this is the method which is useful to cure scars at the donor site.

    People do not only face the problem of scarring but also suffer from bad hairline also. In this way, you need first laser hair removal method in order to remove hairs from your hairline and then transplant new hair at the new hairline. In this situation, the NEO graft method only works as compared to other alternative options. Firstly you have to search for the best surgeon who has proper experience and training so that you can get the best results.

    Correcting Hairline Problems

    Bad or failed hair transplantation also explained as bad hairline. On the other hand, due to good hair transplantation, you get good and natural looking hairline. In order to treat hairline problems, you have to understand the condition of hairline such as hairline set too far forward, broad, and too high.

    Moreover, in this way, you will be able to get the best treatment. But you are only able to get treatment after a year of the previous hair transplantation procedure. Make sure this time you have enough growth on your donor site otherwise you have to wait for some time.