Can FUE Hair transplant Give Me a Full Head Coverage?

Can FUE Hair transplant Give Me a Full Head Coverage?

    Every man desires to restore his original hair, density, length, and quality, but can modern hair transplant procedures, basically FUE facilitate that? It is part of the commonly asked questions during a consultation, and indeed, some surgeons are left speechless. Of course, patients hear about undetectable hair transplants, no scars, 100% natural results, and when you try to explain that your original coverage won’t be possible, then, you might look like a fool.

    The Reality of Hair Transplantation before You opt for the Surgery

    A 100% full coverage after a hair transplant isn’t assured regardless of the hair transplant technique utilized. In the real sense, your surgeon will generally try to create a fuller head or coverage for satisfying results. On the other hand, there are exceptions where a patient obtains remarkable results after a hair transplant, but this depends on a number of factors that include;

    The technique Used!

    There are basically two forms of hair transplant techniques conducted worldwide and are referred to as FUE (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION) & FUT (FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION). The FUT technique is highly recommendable in case of extreme levels of baldness, but this doesn’t mean you will attain your original coverage. When it comes to FUE, the technique is a superior hair transplant approach and of course, results in standard results. However, your level of baldness determines the results of a single hair transplant procedure.

    The Donor Supply!

    The number of hair follicles available before a hair transplant surgery is an absolute determinant for a successful hair transplant surgery. With the FUE technique, a maximum of 6,600 units can be obtained for a successful surgery, but in case of extreme baldness, the procedure may result in unrealistic looks.

    Plan for It in Advance!

    There are quite a number of hair loss treatments such as therapies, Minoxidil and Finasteride that reduce the rate of hair loss in many ways. These treatments reduce the action of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), repair damaged follicles, and increase the blood supply in the affected region which results in an enhanced hair growth. These treatments are quite ideal for preserving hair follicles that will act as donor hair during the surgery for a good coverage.

    This is what some patients do to attain a Full Coverage

    Well, these alternatives will also deliver results according to the above-mentioned factors;

    • BIO-FUE

    This advanced hair transplant approach is performed using the FUE technique after which a serum (platelet-rich plasma) derived from your own blood is injected into the recipient region. Results are undetectable results, a better coverage, and younger looks.

    • A Second surgery

    A re-surgery doesn’t imply that the first was a botched surgery. A number of individuals, including celebrities like Wayne Rooney have undergone hair transplant re-surgeries to boost their natural results. The necessity for a re-surgery is mainly ascertained during your first consultation and the surgeon will plan the surgeries accordingly.

    This has saved many from doll-like appearances and regrets when it comes to hair transplants.

    • Choose a Better Hair Transplant centre

    You ought to make an extensive survey before your procedure. Try to evaluate the surgeon’s expertise and look at his previous patients to predict your surgery outcomes.

    • Styling

    You will have to adopt hair styling approaches that create a fuller coverage. That means that you might ask your surgeon for what suits you best.