Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

    With the advancements in medical science it is possible today to cure the devastating medical problems like the cancer through the treatments including chemotherapy and radiation. This advanced treatment can end the cancer but leaves some side effects among which major is the hair loss.

    Hair loss in Bathinda is becoming the common problem and chemotherapy has been observed as the most common cause for this problem so it becomes important to understand that

    Why Chemotherapy cause hair loss?

    Up to what extent hair loss can happen with chemotherapy?

    How this side effect can be prevented?

    What are causes for hair with the chemotherapy?

    The powerful drugs used to grapple with the devastating cancer are called chemotherapy drugs. These drugs attack the rapidly growing cancer cells in the body and unable to distinguish between the good and bad cells so even destroy the good cells including the cells in the hair roots.

    Hair cells are essential for the growth ph hair so the drugs affect the growing phase of the hair growth cycle which is known as the Anagen phase. Result of this abrupt attack of the drugs push the hair follicles from the growing stage to the resting stage and lead to weakening and improper formation that get shed off at the end.

    Generally the cancer drugs affects the scalp hair but if these drugs are given in the higher dose then even can lead to loss of eyebrow, eyelashes and fall of hair on the other body parts also. So extent of hair loss in cancer patients depends on the dose given to them during the treatment.

    What cancer patient can expect?

    Hair loss is obvious due to chemotherapy within the 1-3 weeks after the starting of treatment. This loss of hair can be in clumps and even can gradually depending on the stage of cancer and the dose given to the patients.

    Generally this hair loss is temporary as after the treatment new hair grow but can be different in thickness, texture and even color.

    Scalp Hypothermia

    In this method generally the blood flow to the scalp is lower down to prevent the flow of drugs in the hair cells with the use of some ice packs. In this way the drugs affect quite less to the hair


    It is the hair loss control medicine so it can be applied before and during the treatment to speed up the hair regrowth. However this medication is not likely to prevent the hair loss but can lead to hair growth.

    Apart from the above methods some things before, during and after the chemotherapy can help you to manage your hair loss up to great extent

    Before chemotherapy

    • It is important to be gentle with your hair and to avid the exposure of heat and use of hair care products that contain chemicals
    • Having the short hair style can give you the appearance of the head full of hair even after the hair loss
    • You can plan for the use of wigs, scarves and some caps that can cover your head to conceal the hair loss

    During the chemotherapy

    • Pamper your remaining hair and be gentle and even use the gentle shampoo to protect them from hair loss
    • Shaving of head can conceal your hair loss and can give the appearance of head full of hair
    • .your scalp without hair can be much sensitive to sun and heat so cover your head with cap, hat or cloth to prevent infection

    After chemotherapy

    • Remain gentle to your remaining hair and even the new hair that has started growing for their healthy and proper growth
    • It is important to have patience after the treatment as after some time new hair start growing and can be different on texture, thickness and color.