Low Cost Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in India, Punjab, Ludhiana

Low Cost Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in India, Punjab, Ludhiana

    Choosing Between Hair Transplant Or A Wig To Restore The Crown Glory

    Gone are the days when people used to sacrifice their looks and used to adjust with bald or thinning patches on their crown as these days people are looks freak and they want to look attractive confident with boosted self-esteem so they do care for their hair loss and seek for the suitable hair solutions so that they can restore their crown glory and can survive in the society with great looks, confidence, and self-esteem.

    There are mainly two types of hair restoration options for the people surgical and non surgical but the terms hair transplant and hair replacement generally confuse the people as they could not take the decision that which one is better, studies have claimed that most of the people choose hair transplant in India and they believe it is the better option than hair replacements like wigs. Following pointers may help you to know that why hair transplantation is mostly preferred by the hair loss patients

     Why hair transplant is the better option than wigs?

    Why hair transplant is the better option than wigs?

    There are only small portion of people who choose hair replacement in India as most of the people go for surgical hair restoration in which the loss resistant hair follicles are extracted surgically from the back head and then transplanted in the bald areas to give natural appearance to the patient with lifetime growing hair, whereas wigs are the artificial hair replacement with which people have the option to choose style, color, length and density of hair but their replaced hair are synthetic and does not grow

    Here are some factors that make the surgery a better option for hair restoration

    Undetectable results

    Hair transplant surgery can give the undetectable results to the patient as in this surgery patients own hairs are taken and implanted back in the targeted area in the exact direction, angle, and depth and at correct distance so patients can have natural looking hair as their existing hair and even the hair stylist cannot distinguish their transplanted hair. Opposite to that wigs are other hair replacements are easily detectable by the people

    Lifetime investment

    Hair transplant cost can be higher at one time but further there is no need of maintenance for the transplanted hair and in one surgery patient can have the desired look so it is the one time affair that can give the lifetime results so it is the cost-effective treatment option for hair restoration and on the other hand hair replacement cost can be lower at one time but there is need of regular maintenance and cleansing to these replacements and even person has to spend money again and again for these replacements so it is quite an expensive option if we calculate the total cost of the treatment

    To Get rid of baldness

    Hair transplantation is the ideal way to get rid of baldness as the loss resistant hair follicles are extracted and transplanted in the bald and thinning areas of the scalp so in rest of life patient’s newly transplanted hair follicles do not get shed but on the other side wigs can hide the baldness but cannot restore the natural hair and even the wigs can cause to further baldness. As the wings are attached to the scalp with some adhesives due to which the existing follicles are pulled out and even can be broken so over the time the portion where the person has hair replacement that gets permanently bald.


    Transplanted hair can be styled, cut or even can be dyed as per the choice of person but the wigs can be chosen first time with suitable style, color, and density but further, the style and color cannot be changed. Even in the long run when the patient gets old the wigs look weird as they do not remain suitable as such as they were in the young age so with the time there is need to replace the wigs.


    Why portion of people choose wigs over the transplant surgery?

    As we have discussed above that there are so many reasons for choosing the hair transplantation over the hair replacement still there are some people who like to have hair replacements due to following reasons

    Fear of surgery

    Some people have the phobia in their mind about the surgery so they are not ready to take any risk with their life so they choose the non-surgical hair replacement rather than the surgical hair restoration.

    Temporary and progressive baldness

    Some people have progressive and temporary baldness condition for such people are not good candidates for the hair transplantation as the hair transplant surgery can give optimized results only when the person has stabilized and permanent loss of hair.

    Traumas or skin burns

    Some patients’ lose their hair-bearing skin due to burns or some accidents for such people hair transplantation surgery is not possible then hair restoration is the only option for them

    Non-availability of the donor area

    Hair transplant surgery is possible only if the patient has sufficient donor hair follicle o that the donor follicles can be extracted and transplanted in the bald areas. There are some patients who are completely bald or do not have sufficient supply of loss resistant follicles such patients are not candidates of surgical hair restoration.

    However these days body hair can also be transplanted on the scalp but sometimes body hair does not match with the scalp hair and even in some cases people do not have much hair on body due to some ailment in such cases the surgical hair restoration is not possible so for them hair wigs or replacements are the only options to hide their baldness.

    Lack of patience

    Some people do not have the patience to wait for the results and they want instant results so they choose the hair replacements over the hair transplant surgery as in the hair transplant surgery patient can have visible results of growing hair at least after 5-6 months of the surgery.