Choosing FUE technique for hair transplantation

Choosing FUE technique for hair transplantation

    The love for FUE has been generated from the benefits it gives over FUT technique also known as the strip method. When one is faced with hair loss or baldness and decides to have hair transplantation, there are factors that he or she must consider and evaluate as to be explained below

    What FUE really means

    The FUE technique requires a surgeon to extract hair follicles from the donor area one by one. It requires artistry skills in order for the strong and healthy follicles to be selected for best results. Once the hair follicles are harvested, they are individually implanted in the recipient area that may be the scalp or the facial regions.

    The main difference between FUE and FUT is the way the hair grafts are hair grafts are harvested. In FUE, it is by a fine needle while in FUT, a strip is removed from the donor area, after which the grafts are divided and implanted in the recipient area individually.

    When is FUE performed?

    Hair Transplant in India allows many procedures of hair transplantation to be performed regardless of the constraints. There is body hair transplantation where hair removed from other parts of the body which may include the chest, arms, and scalp and implanted anywhere the person desires.

    There are principles that must be followed or pondered over before a hair transplant is performed. Such include the health of the patient, the financial position, and the technique to be used otherwise; a hair transplant can be performed at any time and on any individual. A surgeon can help a patient select a hair transplant technique, but here are the reasons as to why you should go for FUE;

    No linear scars

    An FUE technique can be performed multiple times and there are no linear scars created. This technique only leaves puncture marks that are hardly recognized. The donor area also heals in a few days

    Postoperative care and treatment

    Once the procedure is performed, a patient may resume his or her duties that same day. If at all resting is necessary, a day is enough to return to the daily duties.

    Pain management during and after the surgery

    There is no pain felt during FUE hair transplantation since local anesthesia is administered to a patient to produce numbness. After the surgery, a patient may feel a little discomfort, but normally, creams are provided before the procedure to prevent such cases

    No big wounds

    There are no big wounds created during the procedure because a fine needle is used to extract and implant hair in different areas. The donor area normally heals in two days and there are no indications of hair transplantation

    Cost- effective

    FUE is customer friendly in terms of cost since it is a permanent solution for hair loss. Why choose FUE surgery over FUT is accompanied by many factors and in some instances, patients end up selecting it because it is the latest technique