Common Hair Problems and Solutions

Common Hair Problems and Solutions

    Fear of going bald can disturb anyone as hair are crowning glory for everyone so loss of it can dent confidence of anyone so there is great need to understand the hair problems and even solution as these can different according to the problem.

    • Problem and Solution 1

    Breakage of hair follicles is quite common among all however the extent of this fall can be different person to person. This problem can be due to tying tightly like tight braids or ponytails, excess use of chemical hair products and rough combing.

    To prevent breakage of hair first solution can be to pamper your hair and handle them gently. While detangling soft and wider teeth combs or gentle brushes must be used. Tie you hair loose to reduce breakage and even choose shampoo and conditioner according to hair type

    • Problem and Solution 2

    Weather and unhealthy hair habits can cause dryness to hair that can make them fizzy and even weak and brittle.

    It dryness is problem of your hair then nourishment is solution for it. Deep massage of hair and scalp with oil is quite necessary to lock and enhance moisture for healthy hair

    • Problem and Solution 3

    If your hair is thin and lifeless then these can get damage easily. This is common problem especially among girls.

    Heat can soak moisture of your hair so excess use of hot irons, dryers and straightens must be avoided. If you have to use these tools then spread heat evenly on hair rather than spotting on one portion. Hair masks can be best solution for the weak and dull hair as these can turn them healthy and stunning

    • Problem and Solution 4

    Spilt ends is the most common problem for most of the girls which can be due to excess use of styling tools and even lack of nourishments

    Best solution for split ends can be treated with proper conditioning up to ends and frequent trimming of hair.