Crash diet and Its Impact on Hair loss

Crash diet and Its Impact on Hair loss

    We all want to have shiny and smooth hair. For that, it is essential we eat healthy because our hair follicles need all the essential nutrients which help in hair growth and also maintain the texture of hair. In this guide, we will tell you the impact of crash diet on the hair.

    The dream of having lustrous and shiny hair is of both men and women. But, making it come true is not that easy for some people. Inadequate nutrition and exercising vigorously can actually put your dream to rest.

    Food and hair growth

    Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is the secret to healthy and shiny hair. In some cases, people start having a crash diet which actually starts affecting the hair. The hair needs daily nutrients like proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which are essential for hair follicles and also it affect the appearance, strength, and feel of the hair. Without these things, the hair strands will become fragile and eventually hair loss problem.

    What actually lead to hair fall issue?

    • The lack of nutrition leads to hair fall which is referred to as telogen effluvium. In this case, the hair becomes thin and shedding of hair increases which are triggered because the hair growth cycle gets affected.
    • Telogen effluvium is linked with telogen phase which is the resting phase. It means that very few hair follicles are available for the hair growth phase. Due to this, the cycle of hair growth becomes slow which eventually leads to shedding of hair.
    • If the essential organs are lacking major nutrients then they will borrow it from other tissues present in the body like hair follicles. In case, the follicles do not have the required nutrients then growing phase will be affected and more hair will go to the resting phase rather than growing phase.
    • No doubt, returning to your normal diet will help you deal with the situation. But first, it will repair the body from damage which is done by crash diet. It takes around 3 months to make the follicles healthy so that they can grow back again.
    • Keep in mind if nothing is helping or you cannot control the problem then do not wait for too long and seek the help of the doctor. In most cases, when the problem is severe then doctor recommend the treatment of hair transplant. With hair transplant surgery hair growth will come back which looks natural and it is permanent also.
    • Well, along with crash diet other factors like inadequate sleep, vigorously exercising, and taking diet pills can make the condition worse.

    If you are facing problem whether male or female getting the hair transplantation treatment will solve the problem.