Cricketers Who Had Hair Transplant Surgery

Cricketers Who Had Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair loss is experienced by many people. Sometimes it can be cured itself but many times you need to go through hair loss treatment. Here, in this content we are going to tell you about cricketers who took hair transplant in order to get rid of hair loss condition.

    Hair transplant surgery is designed to get rid of hair fall, alopecia, baldness, and receding hairline. Well, you may not know that there are so many cricket players who took hair transplant in order to treat their hair fall condition. In addition to this, they get positive results of these treatment options.

    Let’s have a look at cricketer who took hair transplantation.

    Shane Warne-: He was suffering from hair loss that creates a problem in his relationship. After getting hair transplant he feels too confident due to the natural look that gives him an impressive and attractive look. And he reveals that he gets back his lady in life after hair loss treatment.

    Sourav Ganguly-: He was the captain of the Indian cricket team and suffering from receding hairline. He said he went to many doctors but he was unable to get rid of hair loss problem. One day his friend told him about the hair transplantation procedure that is specially designed to treat hair loss and receding hairline as well. Then he took his treatment and get mind-blowing results.

    Rana Naveed Hassan-: He is a Pakistani cricketer, who gets a hair transplant in order to get rid of complete baldness. Now, he said that he gets mind-blowing results that change his personal and social life as well.

    Virender Sehwag-: Many years ago Virender Sehwag was suffering from hair thinning due to some reasons. Because of this condition, he looks bad and bald, that makes a problem in his life. And then he decided to go through hair transplantation so that he can treat hair thinning condition. Now, he feels confident, he gets back his self-esteem and a great look back.

    Jacques Kallis-: He said he looks 20 years younger now only because of hair transplant. He reveals in one interview that he was suffering from hair loss and he consulted to a doctor, who suggests him to go through hair transplantation procedure. Now, he is happy with his new look.

    Michael Vaughan-: He is the Ex- England batsman, who took non-surgical hair restoration procedure, which is quite similar to surgical hair transplantation procedure. He looks 10 years younger now after getting the best hair loss treatment.

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