Do Gym Habits and Workout Accelerate Hair Loss?

Do Gym Habits and Workout Accelerate Hair Loss?

    Bald head and hair loss directly hammer our self esteem and enhance anxiety even can lead to depression.

    There can be various reasons for abrupt and continue hair fall but mostly doctors connect it with the intake of diet. Lack of proper nutrition such as protein, vitamins and iron can lead to hair fall.

    It is surprising fact to know that even your workout and gym habits can also accelerate thinning on the top and hit your self esteem. No doubt all do workout especially men to shape up their body and unaware about the fact that their workout can lead to grow their muscles but also add to their hair fall.

    How gym habits and workout lead to hair fall?

    Generally people are habitual to gym for the growth of muscles and take powdered protein that contain the growth hormone such as DHEA and Creatine that is helpful to increase the muscle mass but as a side effect it also accelerates hair loss. Even it has been observed that 70% men suffer from hair loss that are taking protein shakes.

    These protein shakes increase the level of testosterone which is also termed as DHT chemically, that add to the problem of hair loss

    Due to Testosterone the hair follicles get shrink and produce the thin hair and ultimately lead to no growth of hairs so that end up with the baldness. Protein shakes can lead to the hair loss.

    Even experts have said that type of workout can also lead to the hair loss. the excess weight lifting can increase the testosterone in the blood stream that speed up the hair loss. However it has been observed that cardio can reduce the level of DHT in the blood stream.

    So men who are indulged in the weight lifting exercises should rethink on their activities and even they can go for aerobics as their gym habits can lead to bald head.

    Are gym habits and workout actual cause for hair loss?

    There is great need to understand the difference between cause and effect as protein shakes and workouts do not cause hair loss but they affect hair loss.

    Men who are already suffering from the Androgenetic hair loss and predisposed to balding for them workouts and their gym habits can be harmful as these can accelerate the hair loss.

    However these cannot be taken as the root cause for hair loss.