Do you have Trouble growing full mustache and beard?

Do you have Trouble growing full mustache and beard?


    In earlier days man used to have clean shaved face that was impressive for women but these days facial hair and styles of beard and mustache are considered for flaunting in front of girls.

    However there are only few that have full hair on beard and mustache other suffer from the patches or burns in these areas that not only hit their self esteem but also dent their outer look.

    Earlier days it might be problem for the males to have full growth of hair on beard and mustache after burns, scars of accidents or injury, birthmarks and patches but now it is possible to have full growth due to revolutionary methods of hair transplant

    Transplantation of facial hairs has become quite popular especially among the males that seek for their impressive masculine look.

    During the Beard hair transplant, hair grafts are taken from the head as per the exact match then harvested into these areas with extra care to provide quality results to the patients.

    Hair transplant experts said that it is easy and safe way to restore facial hair within the budget as the transplanted hair look and grow naturally and even can be shaved according to wish.

    After the diagnosis loss resistant hair follicles are selected from the back of head that are called donor follicles. Under the local anesthesia these donor follicles are transplanted into mustache or beard according to density and style required by the patient.

    During this few hours treatment patient does not feel any kind of discomfort or pain and after the treatment patient may feel some soreness or redness in these delicate areas but these get healed within few days.

    One can observe hair growth after 3-4 months but full hair growth can be noticed after 11 months