Do You Know That The Transplant Surgery For Hair Carried On India Is One Of The Best?

Do You Know That The Transplant Surgery For Hair Carried On India Is One Of The Best?

    Have you started to notice thinning lines on your head? Maybe it’s time for you to get hair transplant surgery because that is the only solution to your problem. The process is completely safe. In case you have questions line up on your mind, you can continue reading below, to have a fair idea on hair transplant and related things.

    Ouch! I am very sensitive and cannot bear much pain. How am I going to tolerate this?

    This is one of the most common questions, which patients ask their doctors. The process is carried out by giving local anaesthesia to patients. It is a completely painless procedure.

    What if all my acquaintances come to know of it?

    When the process is finished, the results are natural, with absolutely no visible scarring. In case you meet someone for the first time, they will not have the least idea of what has happened.

    When will my head be full of hair?

    Once the process has completed, the hair grafts will be in place and then you will be having a good idea on how the hairline looks like. Some new hair will also be growing, once they grow. The length at which hair grows on a daily basis is about 1 cm per month, so don’t worry, your head will surely be full of hair.

    How will the transplanted hair look?

    Since your own hair will be used for hair transplant, so no need to worry about hair coming from a donor, looking different on your head.

    The follicles are taken out from different places on the scalp where they are not very much noticeable or visible. The grown hair is your own, hence no tension of the hair not matching your head

    What about the cost? Will the process be worth the money, I spend on?

    Many people go in a state of shock once they start losing hair. Hair transplant completely transforms their personality.

    It is up to you to decide whether to spend money on a transplant in order to get more hair. The hair transplant cost in India is the most reasonable you will be getting anywhere across the globe, people in numerous numbers come here to have it done.

    Will I have a mark post transplant?

    No, there is not going to be any mark or scar, better to have your hair short.

    How long will the transplant last?

    It varies from every individual. It depends on upon the follicles that are going to be transplanted, but talking on an average it would take around 8 hours or so to get it done. The process doesn’t take much time, because no stitches are involved. The scalp might be little reddish in color, hence if you wish to go out someplace, this will be the correct time.