Does My Fitness Regime Affects Hair Loss

Does My Fitness Regime Affects Hair Loss

    Hair loss is not an uncommon condition because everyone faces it once in a lifetime. Some people encounter normal hair loss and some experience pattern baldness. Moreover, this hair fall condition is not only common in males but women also encounter this condition due to some factors such as during pregnancy period, fluctuation in hormones, genetic reasons, and overstyling.

    Whereas, men also encounter this condition because of some factors. Many people claim that excessive exercise will harm your hair follicles which are useful for hair growth. Let’s understand how exercise affects your hair growth and overall health as well.

    Exercise and overall health

    Many health care providers reveal that exercise is essential for overall health. People who are obese practice daily exercise in order to get rid of unnecessary fat. And in this situation, they skip their meals which affect your body and internal system. Due to less or improper diet, you may experience many health conditions or this affects your hormones and blood flow. Research reveals that only valid exercise and healthy diet is useful for your overall health. Moreover, the improper blood supply to your scalp leads to hair fall or pattern baldness.

    Excessive exercise and improper diet are responsible to stop hair growth and cause stress which actually leads to a condition known as telogen effluvium.

    Hair fall and Testosterone

    Men who face hair loss due to genetic reasons, encounter this condition due to the extreme growth of hormone named as dihydrotestosterone. In addition, your body converts your basic hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is further responsible for thinning of hair and hair fall. Moreover, weight lifting is not harmful to you but supplements which you intake are too harmful to you and your hair as well.

    Scalp health and proper diet

    Healthy or proper diet is not only useful to treat your hair fall due to excessive exercise. You have to get the proper checkup from the doctor because this condition will lead to male pattern baldness. And male pattern baldness is the condition which cannot be treated with lifestyle changes or a healthy diet. In this situation, you need to go through a medical treatment known as hair transplant. Because only hair transplantation is the best hair loss treatment which gives you better results with a natural-looking appearance. Moreover, you must follow all the instructions of your surgeon for faster recovery after getting the hair transplant surgery.