Does Use Of Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

Does Use Of Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

    Various questions are frequently asked about the potential causes of hair loss and that’s where the matter of gel comes in. The use of gel is quite common in the dark-skinned people or you can say; those with an African ancestry. Hair gel is merely used to style hair and it works by gathering one’s hair in any style that a hair stylist may observe suitably.

    The clustering of hair using hair gel is quite ideal, but hair experts caution individuals when using hair gel. Hair gel is believed to provide both positive and negative effects on one’s hair and that’s why hair experts advise one to wash off the gel within a day or two after its application

    Hair gel doesn’t cause hair loss, but it can be a contributing factor to the underlying causes of hair loss in an individual.

    What’s the reason behind?

    Frequent use of gel merely blocks the scalp pores that require air penetration and that is why one may experience hair loss or breakage after removing the gel that had stayed for a long period of time. Fortunately, hair loss after poor application of gel may not necessarily be addressed by a hair transplant in India, but rather checking for the right solutions to help new hair growth

    What to know about the scalp

    Hair transplant experts at Satyam hair transplant centre identify bald patients to have accumulated sebum “oil” combined with dead skin cells that cause the scalp to shine, especially in the bald or thinning region.

    The accumulation of the dead cell, oil and dust are caused by improper care of the scalp. An individual needs to frequently wash his or her hair to eliminate all the above that may hinder hair growth.

    The accumulation of sebum blocks the scalp pores which makes the scalp region shine.

    How to care for your hair

    In case you frequently use gel, be ready to wash it out every after 2 days. It is advised that you ash the gel that same day if required

    Use quality hair products such as shampoo, moisturizer, and anti-hair fall products to strengthen and protect your hair from damage.

    Talk to a hair expert to provide you with essential tips for protecting your hair from damage. These tips are provided after an evaluation of your hair and the care required

    When it is time for better approaches

    In some cases, individuals aren’t able to thoroughly eliminate the sebum, oils, and dead skin from their scalp. This will require you to attain help from a hair salon or from an advanced hair transplant centre.

    The hair expert will aesthetically remove the created layer to open up the pores in the scalp thereby facilitating hair growth. A number of steps are taken while eliminating the embedded layer that prevents hair growth.

    Our hair transplant centre provides hair transplant in Punjab and other related hair services that one may seek.

    A proper diet with proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants help to promote hair growth.

    Avoid stress as much as possible as well as anxiety