Don’t Allow Rains to Ruin Your Hair Day

Don’t Allow Rains to Ruin Your Hair Day

    Showers of rain are always best and allure everyone but these showers are not best for hair as acid rains and dirty rain water can damage hair follicles and lead to excessive hair fall so care your hair more in rain

    Avoid hair styling products

    to give more impressive look to hair people use many hair care products on regular basis. These products can style your hair but damage them also as these contain harsh chemicals. In rainy season limit the use of these hair care products as humid weather can make your hair greasy and oily and use of these products can add to problem and can damage your scalp.

    Eat healthy

    Generally your hair looks depending upon your diet you take so on regular basis hair need proper care and diet but in monsoon season these required protein enriched diet to prevent the hair damage in this season. Foods like dark green and leafy vegetables, eggs, carrots, beans and whole grains must be added in your daily diet

    Frizz control

    For the frizzy hair monsoons can have great trouble as the humid weather can add to frizz of your hair. generally when hair get drenched then people like to dry it with towel instead of washing them but this can add to frizz and make your hair drier. So in such case hair must be washed with the best suitable shampoo and even followed with the conditioner.

    Pay attention to your hair

    In rains your hair needs special attention as the rain water can even lead to infections of scalp or can make your scalp oily so ultimately will lead to hair damage. Keep your hair away from the dandruff in rains by using the menthol contained shampoo and conditioner and keep your hair well hydrated. Massage your hair and scalp with warm oil before shampoo and even keep them away from the excessive oiling and dehydration.