Effect of Hot Styling Tools on Transplanted Hair

Effect of Hot Styling Tools on Transplanted Hair

    Planning to undergo the treatment of hair transplantation, then it is important that you keep in mind certain things so that the results are best. In this topic, we are going to tell you that whether the use of hot styling tools is going to impact the results of hair transplant.

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    After the hair transplant surgery, it is essential that you protect the hair as you have made such a huge investment. The use of hair styling tools can leave a very negative impact on the hair if they are used daily.

    Why the use of hair styling tools damage the hair?

    There are various hot styling tools which will include:

    • Curling irons
    • Flocked rollers
    • Flat irons
    • Blow dryers
    • Styling wands
    • Hair steamers

    In all these devices the high temperature is the common feature. It helps in removing the moisture, proteins, vitamins, and natural oils from hair which make the hair brittle.

    Moreover, they can also burn the hair if you are not using them carefully or it can even damage them permanently. Even if you use them at a moderate level the hair can break down very easily. This is a fact that the use of hair styling tools can lead to hair loss. One of the risk factors is traction alopecia which occurs because of the styling tools.

    Is there any way to minimize the damage from hot styling tools?

    The best way is to protect the hair following the surgery is by not using the hot styling tools for a few months after the surgery. Here are some ways in which the damage can be minimized:

    • Choose devices which have adjustable temperature

    If you know the temperature of the styling tools then you can prevent the damage. Opt for high to medium or medium to low. It might be possible you have to spend extra time to style the hair but this will protect your hair follicles from stress & damage.

    • Go with the option of air drying

    After washing, it is important that you let the hair dry on its own as it is safer.

    • Learn to work quickly with the tools

    You need to learn how you can get the desired results by using the tools within a few minutes.

    • Protecting the hair

    While using the heat products you should use heat protectant sprays as this way the heat will not take away the nutrients.

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