Essential tips to control or prevent Stress-induced Hair Loss

Essential tips to control or prevent Stress-induced Hair Loss

    Prolonged emotional stress or psychological stress can lead to hair loss in both males and females. Just as many other causes of hair loss, stress-induced hair loss occurs over a period of time, but there is hope with a fact that your hair will grow back immediately once you help it and there won’t be any need for a hair transplant in India.

    Hair loss that occurs due to stress is commonly witnessed after a tragedy or an unfortunate misshapen that may take an individual by surprise.

    What must you know about stress-induced hair loss

    Unlike hair loss caused by genes, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease or a poor immune defense system, stress-induced hair loss is a bit normal because hair can grow back once one returns to his or her normal lifestyle.

    Hair loss that is stress induced can be described as part of the hair growth cycle. There are three phases of hair growth that include;

    1. The Anagen phase

    One’s hair spends almost 2 to 6 years in this phase of hair growth and hair experts confirm that the length is determined by genetics. During this period, the cells in the papilla divide to produce more hair and the one’s hair spends more time in this period, the more one’s hair grows.

    2. The Catagen Phase

    This is the second phase of the hair cycle and it facilitates follicular renewal. It is also known as the resting phase in which the papilla detaches its self.

    3. The Telogen Phase

    This phase is characterized by new hair growth and hair is believed to spend at least 1 to 4 months in this phase.

    Telogen Effluvium is likely to occur in case one experiences prolonged stress and therefore, his or her hair will be in a resting phase, which prevents hair growth. This is how to restore your hair.

    Visit a doctor

    Although it may not be a medical emergency, try to get a diagnostic procedure from a medical doctor. Other cases may have influenced hair loss, such as PCOS, anemia, or an underlying chronic illness.

    Try to avoid stressful events

    Surround yourself with things that will give you joy and new excitement. Try to forget what makes you sad and at least see a counselor for a tragedy that may have occurred to you.

    Get enough rest and sleep

    In case you didn’t know, resting and sleeping can renew your energy. Stress accompanied by lack of sleep will leave you with extreme hair loss, gastrointestinal problems, depression among others.

    Having enough sleep will contribute to brain rejuvenation hence altering your feelings.

    Health measures

    Follow a healthy diet by having breakfast, lunch, and dinner filled with enough nutrients such as protein, oxidants, vitamins, iron, fiber among others. This will help recover the lost body nutrients and promote hair growth.

    Do not panic

    Panicking will only increase stress that will culminate into depression. There are various anti-hair fall or anti-hair loss treatments that can help you stop hair loss and promote hair growth. The last resort is a hair transplant in Punjab, but there are many chances that you won’t require one.

    Increase your protein intake

    Proteins are highly recommended for a healthy body. They simply promote organ health and cell growth that can result in more benefits than when eliminated.

    Physical exercises

    They will help you eliminate toxins from the body and keep your body physically fit. Physical exercises won’t only keep you generally healthy, but will also promote mind relaxation.