Every Hair Transplant Technique Invented Till Date

Every Hair Transplant Technique Invented Till Date

    Plugs-: The early years

    The first hair transplant is invented in 1952, which was invented by Dr. Norman Orentreich who was residing in New York. In addition, he performed this hair transplantation procedure for male pattern baldness in order to examine the results. And he joined the term “donor dominance” so that no one can judge your transplanted hair. He said that he actually wants to give you similar characteristics as donor’s hair. At that time, he collects the donor hair from the back of the head or side of the head but this procedure gives less effective results.

    Mini-Grafts and Micro-Grafts

    These both techniques were invented in 1984, which your surgeon uses the strip method in order to collect hair from the donor area. This technique was used in mini-grafting method whereas micro-grafting method is used with the goal for more hair growth on the center of the scalp. No doubt these both techniques replaced the plug system but these do not give you natural results.

    Follicular Unit Transplantation

    Follicular Unit Transplantation method is additionally known as FUT which was found in 1994. in this treatment, your surgeon collects the hair grafts with the help of the strip method, in which he had to make one or to incisions. These incisions further results in scars which cannot fade away over time. This is the traditional way to treat your hair loss, which then supplanted by FUE technique.

    Follicular Unit Extraction

    This method is totally new and effective hair transplant method which gives you better results and found in 2002. Don’t matter how many new techniques are available these days but millions of people lean toward the FUE method because it gives you natural looking and permanent results.

    Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction

    This system too useful because it saves your time and works with the robotic technique. In this treatment, your surgeon performs the surgery with a computerized system in which, he uses an optical system to examining and collection of hair grafts from the donor area.

    Moreover, this new robotic system was found in 2011 and the first robot is ARTAS. In addition, this is the most advanced hair restoration method which gives you better results than the above-mentioned procedures. No doubt, this is a little expensive but you do not need to get any other type of hair loss treatment.

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