Everything that you must know about beard transplant

Everything that you must know about beard transplant

    Similarly as hair loss, several people also suffering from beard loss or some person do not even able to grow a beard yet. In this condition, you need to go with a beard transplant, because this is the only way to grow a beard properly. If you want to undergo the beard transplant surgery, then you need to understand everything about beard transplant in detail.

    What is Beard Transplant?

    Beard hair transplant is completely similar to hair transplant in Ludhiana. This is a type of cosmetic facial hair transplant procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia so that you cannot experience the severe pain or discomfort during or after the surgical procedure.

    Beard transplant is divided into two categories include-:

    • The most common category of this surgery is when a person does not have enough donor hair at the back of the scalp for hair transplant. In this case, the hair transplantation surgeon collects the donor hair from the beard of the patient to transplant in the affected area. Well, the beard hair grafts are collected with the help of Follicular Unit Extraction, which is the most common and well-known type of hair transplantation.
    • Secondly, several people undergo this treatment as they want to grow a long beard because of the trend. This only happens when they start following celebrities and they want to get the same look as for them. Or this is valuable for those with a thin beard or who is not able to grow a beard properly. This is a heartbreaking condition, which leads them to low confidence and embarrassment as well.

    Which is the best method of beard transplantation?

    Well, the transplant methods are similar to hair transplantation such as FUT and FUE. However, the best method is Follicular Unit Extraction, which gives you mind-blowing results. So, if you are planning to get beard transplant surgery, then you need to undergo the Follicular Unit Extraction method. As this is the safe and secure method, which does not result in any type of side effect.

    Is the beard transplant permanent?

    Yes, this is permanent and gives you mind-blowing results. However, you have to wait for at least 4 months to get the proper beard growth. In addition to this, growth and stability depend on the influence of DHT. This DHT is additionally known as Dihydrotestosterone, which is a form of testosterone. That’s why a beard transplant results in permanent growth.

    To get the best results you need to follow all the instructions of your surgeon. Additionally, you must take only those medications that are prescribed by the surgeon to reduce the risk of swelling and pain as well. And you have to wait for some time to get the best results and proper beard growth.