Everything you need to know about the grade 7 to grade 8 hair loss condition

Everything you need to know about the grade 7 to grade 8 hair loss condition

    Hair loss or baldness is one of the common concerns among individuals. You must seek assistance from the best and experienced doctor to better plan for your journey of Hair Transplant in Punjab. Indeed! Everything is well-managed when you choose the best as they will make sure you get the customized treatment for your condition. Also, understand that the Hair Transplant Cost Ludhiana is on the affordable side and the exact amount will only come to light when you talk to the doctor.

    Grade 7 & Grade 8 Hair Loss

    Grade 8 hair loss is that stage when the donor’s hair is atrophied and the condition has reached an advanced age. In the grade 8 hair loss, not more than 4000 hair grafts can be extracted for the initial session. Apart from these, there are other stages when your hair loss can be cured by undergoing a hair transplant.

    Make your hair loss condition get improved

    No doubt, it is essential that your hair loss condition should get better. Ideally, with the hair transplant, everything seems easy and most importantly your overall appearance is improved. In case, you have an ideal density in the front-middle parts and partial or have good coverage around the vertex then it is possible one hair transplant can solve the problem or 2 procedures are needed.

    When is it ideal to get the second FUE hair transplant?

    Usually, it is suggested that you get the second FUE hair transplant after 10 months of undergoing FUE. In certain cases, the need for 3rd FUE might be there to get the final touch-ups done. The 3rd hair transplant is performed to get the hairline lowered, covering the back part of the scalp, and to boost the hair density.

    Hair loss should patient should have realistic expectations

    The patients dealing with Grade 7 to Grade 8 hair loss must have a realistic desire to get the results. No doubt, your facial appearance is improved to a great extent with a hair transplant. The cases which come in the exception are the ones that have limited or donor hair.

    How much is the graft requirement for Grade 7 to Grade 8 hair loss?

    Ideally, the hair graft requirement ranges between 6000 to 7000 hair grafts. The hairline design is made and through that, the transplanted area design is considered. Usually, 4000 to 5000 hair grafts are needed for covering the areas like:

      • Front
      • Middle part
      • Vertex

    Through these many hair grafts, the desired hair density can be achieved with ease. All in all, with a hair transplant you will get the best results.

    A preoperative consultation is important

    You must schedule for the preoperative consultation as it allows you to make yourself familiar with the entire process and keep your judgment in the right direction. If you are dealing with hair loss then you have to schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to get detailed information about everything.