Excellent Results of BIO-FUE After 1 year

Excellent Results of BIO-FUE After 1 year

    Not even youths are spared from the various types of hair loss. Having used various treatments to eliminate hair loss, many patients have not gained the desired results even after several years and rounds of treatment. What do they do? They match in for a hair transplant.

    One young man affected by major hair loss came in for a hair transplant procedure with the scalp almost the top region empty. Confused about the best hair transplant that will cover his scalp with hair, he continually asked for the best and less invasive technique. BIO-FUE was seen as the best technique that would increase hair growth and produce attractive results.

    It was automatically decided that body hair transplant had to be done to increase the number of hair follicles in the case the man needed to get a good density. It was estimated that 4000 hair grafts had to be achieved by hook or crook

    Interestingly, he had a good amount of hair on the sides of his scalp which would avail 3100 grafts, 500 grafts from the chest, and 400 from the beards and the legs.

    During the first hair transplant procedure, procedure scalp hair was extracted and implanted and a next appointment was scheduled to extract body hair and at the same time implant it and perform the BIO-FUE procedure. On the next appointment, the entire procedure was accomplished and hoped for the best

    After a period of five months, the hair was filling the formerly bald region and after 1 year, the goal had been achieved. The hair continuously grew and now the young man is happier than before.

    Money constraint may be a limitation, but severely affected patients can use BIO-FUE, FUE technique, and Body hair transplant to overcome baldness.