Exercising After Hair Transplant Surgery

Exercising After Hair Transplant Surgery

    Undergoing hair transplantation is the best way to deal with the problem of hair loss. Well, after undergoing the treatment it is important that you keep in mind certain things. In this topic, we are going to tell you what you need to keep in mind regarding the part of the exercise.

    So, you have decided you are going to get the treatment of hair transplantation to want the natural-looking hair. There is no doubt, the success of the hair transplant depends on how you take care of yourself and how well you follow the surgeon’s guidelines.

    Well, there are a few reasons that it is important to follow the after-care period after hair transplant surgery.

    • The transplanted grafts are fragile after surgery so it is important to take care of them for long-term success.
    • Proper care is important as it helps to reduce the risk of scarring.
    • After-care helps the person to recover from the surgery quickly and get back to the normal working routine.

    Along with that, you must not rush back to the exercise regime following the surgery.

    When you can go back to the exercise regime after surgery?

    To get back to the exercise regime and look your best you can undergo the exercise regime by following the given points:

    • Light Exercise

    After one week from surgery, you can get back to light exercise regime as long as the skin around the transplanted area does not get stretched.

    • Strenuous exercise regime

    Strenuous exercise regime should be avoided until the scalp is fully healed to avoid the issue of scarring. When you begin with an exercise regime, start with light regime and with time increase the work out routine.

    • Swimming

    Until the scalp is fully healed following the surgery swimming should be avoided. This is because the pool water contains chlorine which can irritate the scalp or it can get in contact with bacteria.

    • Weight lifting

    If your workout routine includes weight lifting then you need to wait till the time scalp is healed and grafts are placed in the scalp properly.

    • Sweat

    Cardio workout or any exercise which can lead to sweat should be avoided. Due to sweat irritation can trigger which can halt the healing process. Moreover, excessive sweating will dislodge the transplanted grafts.

    The workout will increase the blood pressure

    Exercise regimes can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Keep in mind, till the time scalp is not healed blood pressure should be kept normal, otherwise, it can lead to bleeding which damages the transplanted grafts.

    Consult the doctor!

    Your surgeon will give you instructions when you can resume the workout session to ensure the best results. With proper care, you can get back to the gym with confidence.