Facts About Peppermint Oil’s Advantages in Hair Growth

Facts About Peppermint Oil’s Advantages in Hair Growth

    Peppermint oil is the quintessence of peppermint extricated into the oil. Some peppermint oils are musty to smell. The mustiest types are made with modern purification process and other essential oils.

    It is proven that peppermint oil helps drastically in cases of hair loss.

    How does Peppermint help in hair loss?

    Many people have used peppermint for enhancing their beauty and also for hair care. It has a very sweet smell hence is mostly found to be in shampoos, creams, and many other beauty regime things.

    What is the best way to use Peppermint oil for hair loss?

    There are many ways in which this wonderful oil can be used on hair for preventing hair loss and other hair related trouble:

    One of the most important methods is by directly massaging the scalp. Some drops can be added to your favorite scalp massage oil and then massage can be done.

    Massage the oil into your scalp, it is quite a possibility that you may notice a tingling or a fresh feel, after applying the oil. You can leave the oil for about half an hour, after which your hair can be washed away.

    Another thing which can be done is to put the peppermint oil directly into shampoo or conditioner bottles.

    Some facts on peppermint oil :

    The peppermint oils which are filtered can produce a very heavy burning feeling on the skin. Hence, it is advised to always filter oils in case you wish to apply them directly.

    Circumvent from essential oils getting into eyes, as much as the skin has to be kept away from direct usage from these oils so the eyes are also to be protected.

    Know the ingredients and only buy the good ones. The ingredients should not be too hard on the skin.

    Treatment for hair loss

    Some medicines or techniques which work for hair loss treatment

    Anthralin (driver-scalp) :

    This can only be used for scalp for controlling hair fall or hair loss. After application to scalp then it can be washed off.

    Aminomar C (viviscal):

    This is known to nourish hair follicle from the inside. This can be used along with supplements for better results. The hair is seen to be much stronger and has more shine after using this.


    • Peppermint essential oil can be made safe for hair growth.
    • The undiluted peppermint essential oil is no doubt worth giving a try. It works best for hair and scalp.
    • Medicines work best in case of hair loss.