Facts Related to Follicular of Hair

Facts Related to Follicular of Hair

    Hair are the most important part of the body, which contribute to beauty. So if you are losing too much hair from the scalp then you need to understand what to do to regrow your hair. You may need to undergo the surgical procedure like hair transplantation surgery, is a type of cosmetic procedure.

    Hair loss is not only a problem of males, but females also suffer from this condition too much these days. It is true that hair is essential for women and these contribute to beauty. But what if they are suffering from hair fall and thinning as well. Many ladies are born with several hair strands, but the rest of them born with only a few hairs depend on hair color. In addition to this, Blondes( Who have pale yellow hair on the scalp) almost 140,000 follicles. Whereas darker hair only has 108,000 follicles, additionally redheads have around 90,000. Well, the growth of hair follicles depends on genetic factors.

    Let’s try to understand the theory of hair and hair growth.

    Hair growth cycle has three phases, such as-:

    • Anagen Phase
    • Catagen Phase
    • Telogen Phase

    These are the most important phases of the hair growth cycle, that everyone experiences in his life. In the anagen phase, you will start growing hair and this phase lasts up to at least 7 years. And in the next phase, your hair growth may stop and you may experience hair thinning. In the last phase known as telogen phase, sure;y experience the hair thinning or hair fall. And this phase lasts up to 3 months and your hair starts re-growing again from the hair follicles.

    When you start losing too much hair and your hair unable to re-grow, this condition is known as hair fall condition. So, if you are suffering from hair fall, then you need to understand that this is not a deniable thing. You have to think about hair loss treatment options to get rid of this hair fall condition. You have to undergo hair transplant surgery, but you may not know that hair transplant is different for both males and females.

    Hair loss treatment for women

    As we stated above, the results of hair fall treatment are not the same for males and females. Our specialist has specialization to perform the best treatment according to your condition so that you can get the desired results.

    You have to undergo the diagnosis and your specialist tries to understand the color and quality of hair follicles. As your hair grows according to the hair follicles, so he checks the hair follicles and then tries to offer you suitable treatment according to hair follicle type and color as well.