Is Flat Iron The Major Cause Of The Hair Loss?

Is Flat Iron The Major Cause Of The Hair Loss?

    In the question to attain the straight hairs, most of the curly hairs women go for the flat irons for the job or the social events. Flat iron will become the beautiful tool if you do this with the guidance of the expert hair stylist. The overuse of the flat iron may also lead to the permanent or temporary hair loss in women.

    Flat Irons and Hair Loss

    The temperature of these electronic devices is so much high, there may chances of the hair loss due to the excessive heat

    Hair Damage vs. Hair Loss

    The first question to be answered is that there is any difference between the temporary and permanent hair loss and the damaged hair.

    It is the general fact that everybody loses his hair on the regular basis. There are the numbers of the reasons for this. The factors are stress and the dietary deficiencies. This leads to the greater degree of the hair loss.

    Pattern baldness is the permanent form of the hair loss. Pattern baldness is commonly known as Alopecia. If you are suffering from pattern baldness, you can consult the best hair transplant in India. There are the numbers of the factors that are responsible for the permanent hair loss problem. Flat iron is the one of the reasons.

    How the flat iron is responsible for the damage hair?

    Extreme amount of the heat can lead to hair loss problem in women. If you use the flat iron over the 347 degrees, it leads to the permanent hair loss. Electronic appliances like flat iron has excessive heat temperatures like 400-410 degrees.Extreme heat can change the internal structure of the hair. This results in breakdown of the hydrogen bonds. Once the damage started, then it stops the hair growth.

    Are other Appliances also responsible for the hair loss?

    Only flat iron is not responsible for the hair loss, any electronic appliance which emits excessive amount of the heat, can lead to the damage of the hair. Blow dryer, if it is used at the high temperature, this can also lead to the hair loss. It depends upon the usage of the person, if he uses the electronic devices for so many times. There may be more chances of the hair loss problem. In order to maintain healthy structure of the hair, you should avoid usage of the flat iron.

    Key to Healthy Hair

    Flat iron is the major cause of the hair loss and damage. There is the good news for the hair loss patients. You can cut off the hair loss problem. With this treatment, your hair will be growing from ¼ to ½ inch in a month. The main thing that you need to do is to take the healthy and balanced diet. Your diet must include the protein, as protein is essential for the healthy hairs.

    If you really want the straight hair, you have to face the so many permanent and temporary hair loss problems.