Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Loss

    What Is The Need For Beard Hair Transplant?

    Most of the individuals face the problem of hair loss whether its a male or a female. Men will lose 50% of hair during their lifetime. Hair loss can happen on all the body parts such as on the scalp, chest, and face. Men also suffer from facial hair loss so beard hair transplant is necessary.

    What Is The Hair Growth Cycle?

    The hair growth occurs naturally and the cycle keeps on repeating itself. The cycle is divided into three stages which are:

    • Anagen stage: In this phase, the hairs are growing at a fast pace. This stage lasts up to 5 years.
    • Catagen stage: In this phase, the hairs stop growing and the size of hair follicles shrinks. This stage is basically the resting stage and it will last up to 2 weeks.
    • Telogen stage: This is the final stage, the hairs start to fall out of your skin. This process takes around 4 months.

    Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Back Thicker?

    The answer is no. Its a myth that shaving your hair will increase the growth of your hairs. After you shave there will be an increase in your hair growth but in a few hours, the increase is followed by a decreasing rate.

    Is There Anything You Can Do To Make A Beard Grow Thicker?

    To get rid of facial hair loss there is no treatment available. Genetics and hormones also play an important factor in hair growth. If you are facing hormonal problem then there is no such treatment available for the problem of beard hair loss.

    Will Aging Affect The Growth Of Facial Hairs?

    After a certain age, the hair follicles are not able to produce new hairs. The hairs will become thin and light in color. It is common to lose hairs after a certain age.

    Is Beard Hair Loss Related To Stress?

    Your body will be affected if you are working more then required. If you are not taking proper rest you are not able to perform properly. Stress will make your body and mind to not function properly. So, it’s best to give your body proper rest.

    Will Exercise Help To Reduce Hair Loss?

    If your body is getting the right nutrients you will have a healthy body and mind. To keep the level of your hormones balanced exercise daily. This will reduce the problem of beard hair loss.