Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Transplant

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Hair Transplant

    You must have seen many people getting a hair transplant done, but have you seen or heard anyone getting a facial hair transplant done? Well this is the new age fad, which is catching everyone’s attention, day by day.

    Many men all across the map are getting their facial hair and beard hair transplant done. This is very good for those who wish to adorn a facial look. But, before you visit your surgeon for getting a surgery done, keep these things in mind:

    • The Hair Which Grows Is Like Facial Hair

    Your facial hair will grow like any facial hair with similar texture and characteristics as your surgeon will ensure the extracted hair closely matches your facial hair.

    • Not Just Beards

    Facial beard transplants are not just restricted to transplanting beards. Even Moustache, Vandyke or sideburns can be transplanted. If the transplant is done to fill in the empty patches, your surgeon will put all donor hair at the right place.

    • You Want To Get Your Beard Shaved?

    This is when the transplanted hair looks more like stubble. You should be aware that there will be hair fall after a fortnight of your date of the procedure.

    You will be advised by your surgeons or doctors for not shaving the hair for someday, post-surgery. Till this time the hair will look more like stubble. You might as well be having hair fall the next day post surgery. It is nothing to worry about, this phase, just like any other phase will also go away.

    The Wait?

    The process usually takes around 3 hours to finish, depending upon your condition and density of beard you wish to get done.


    Just like scalp hair transplant, this process also doesn’t cause any pain. Even in this, surgeons use FUE hair transplant, where surgeon selectively chooses the desired follicles for the process. Hence, no need of making large donor site slits.

    If Hair Is Less, There Will Be Lesser Hair Loss In Future Also

    You might have to let go of some of your scalps to have a beard transplant surgery done. But, do not worry about this, because then you will have less donor hair to worry about in the future.

    You Will Have To Stay At Home For A Day Or Two

    The process gets finished in about 5 hours time, but your doctor migh task you to take a leave for at least 2 days time.