FUE or FUT: which one will suit you the best?

FUE or FUT: which one will suit you the best?

    The receding hairline and thinning of hair have become issues of concern. This concern has made many dermatologists and hair experts join their hands and think of some treatments or therapies that can work for helping people facing baldness of continuous falling of hair. All the hair treatments and hair therapies come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some people even resort to oiling, medication, herbal or ayurvedic treatments to control hair fall. But there are some for whom none of these work. They then think of going the medical way. The two treatments that come to a person’s mind are FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. The difficulty comes in making a choice between the two.

    What is FUE?

    The follicular unit extraction hair transplant surgery is performed by extracting hair from an area where there is good availability of hair be it the scalp, chest or beard. These are then transplanted to the bald regions. The individual himself/herself is the donor of hair.

    What is FUT?

    The follicular unit transplantation involves extraction of a strip of hair from the back of the scalp and then transplanting this hair to the bald regions of the scalp. This surgery involves giving local anesthesia to the patient. The patient is free to go home post surgery. The hair strip is taken from the scalp of the same person who is going to undergo the implantation procedure.

    How can one choose between the two?

    • Donor area: the FUT treatment is ideal for those who have sufficient hair on their scalp. The FUE treatment is for those who have less hair on the scalp and have to resort to their bear or chest hair.
    • Shaving of donor’s hair: the donor’s hair needs to be shaved for FUE treatment while for the FUT treatment, the hair needs to be trimmed only.
    • Stitches: the FUE treatment does not involve any cuts and thus, no stitches are required. For FUT treatment, a strip of hair is removed and wound needs to be stitched.
    • Pain: the FUE treatment is almost painless and if the need arises, then mild painkillers can be given to control painkillers. The FUT treatment may have moderate pain due to wounds and stitches.
    • Scars: there are almost no scars because of shaving of hair and no stitching in the FUE treatment. The scars cannot be hidden after the FUT treatment.
    • Time for recovery: the patient recovers within 3 to 4 days who undertakes an FUE treatment. The patient undertaking the FUT treatment recovers within a week.
    • The cost involved: the FUE treatment for hair transplantation is expensive. The FUT treatment for a hair transplant is quite economical.

    Overall, both the methods have their own parameters and specifications. There can be some for whom both are ideal and there can also be some individuals for whom only one of the two treatments is practicable. It depends on various factors which have already been mentioned above.